Believing in Santa

This girl stopped believing in Santa a long time ago. One man working so many miracles, delivering all the toys meeting the expectations of thousands of people….its just not possible. Logic says it’s a ridiculous thing to believe. Though you know its nice…having someone that embodies hope, happiness and the spirit of giving. So today, this girl has been pretty much in Santa’s shoes – well running shoes anyway!

The picture below shows the local charity ‘Santa Dash’ which this girl took place in today to raise money for cancer research. Looking up the street you can see a massive sea of red and white- it really was quite spectacular to watch, yet running 5k in a really thick and itchy red outfit and beard is a bit of a nuisance, and silly looking but it was a great deal of fun and hopefully, by this happening , someΒ  people with cancer will benefit from the money raised.

Christmas should be about that – about doing something because it will make someone else smile and happy, rather than showering all and sundry with expensive gifts. Aside from anything else – this girl doesn’t have the money for that! Credit crunch bites yet again, and so this year the budget for christmas shopping is very very small.

That’s not important though. Neither is any of the other stupidly stressful stuff. Though, admittedly, this girl has gotten pretty stressed this year. Work is a bit hectic, there’s tonnes of commitments all over the place and BDSM couldn’t be really further from her mind.

The person who said Christmas is for kids is right though…once you get to the age of not believing and realising its all a big commercial nightmare its not as much fun, it has to become special in other ways. And it is. Who needs Santa when you’ve got a Grimly?

He lives in the far north. He makes toys. So he’s part way there. Though, he doesn’t have the beard – thank fuck for that – this girl hates men with facial hair!

So – naughty, nice – which is it? Grimly doesn’t need to keep a list, its all up there in his head and yeah, this girl knows she’s done things recently that arent quite right so is probably well and truly in the naughty category!

So, whats he’s going to bring her for Christmas? This girl’s Gran used to say if you were bad you got a lump of coal in your stocking instead of an orange (an orange was a luxury back then apparently!) so what would the BDSM version of that be?

Hmm…the thoughts this girl is having are leading her to hope that the BDSM Santa doesnt exist!

Fat chance of that! Impending doom is nigh!

Though….somehow she can’t see Grimly playing with her whilst dressed in the Santa suit this girl now has kicking around. THAT would just be wrong!

7 thoughts on “Believing in Santa

  1. Playing dressed in the Santa suit, did you say it was itchy? hmmmmm intresting!

  2. Sounds like some of the brainwashing therapy might create an interesting challenge. Hey Grimly, think you can convince her that there really IS a santa claus?
    And for bonus points since she has the suit, think you can get her beliving that SHE is santa? LOL

  3. That sounds like so much fun – being a part of the running crowd of Santas – Kudos to you for participating πŸ™‚ Ooooh that’s quite an interesting prospect – a BDSM Santa too… I’ve been filled with wondering what I’ll be getting from Mine… πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  4. Tim, for brainwashing to work there needs to bit in the head of wanting it as well, or thinking its possible at least lol

    Baby, thanks! It was good fun xx

  5. “Christmas should be about that – about doing something because it will make someone else smile and happy, rather than showering all and sundry with expensive gifts.”

    I couldn’t agree more! Glad you had fun,! πŸ™‚ just wanted to drop by & whisper a “Hello”.
    Big Huggs & Happy Holidays

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