This post is dedicated to one special reader and she’ll know why!

This girl got one of those letters. Our records show you are now due to have a smear. Please call and make an appointment. (That means soon…and not when your birth control runs out – they dont say that part – but they might as well!)

Grimly finds the fact that this girl puts off going to see the nurse as long as possible amusing.  He can sometimes be one of those irritating matter of fact people that say ‘its for your own good’ but more so because he says things like ‘given what I do to you, what the fuck are you scared of’ and ‘a speculum is the least of the weird and bizarre things that’s been there’.

He’s right. Of course he is. But, its really the invasion of privacy. Its the thought of being there legs apart as some strange woman does the necessary. Though, in honesty, probably what makes this girl the most ashamed is – what if she gets turned on? What if its too obvious? Fear and nerves after all can lead to erotic reactions! Though, from past experience, she knows she doesn’t. Its too clinical, too sort of ‘in and out’ to really get turned on by it. Its impersonal. You are basically a vagina on legs, and that’s it. Though, lets face it, this girl is just another woman that sometimes has relatively irrational anxities about things.

There is really  nothing to be scared of. It’s just checking after all.

Deep down, this girl knows there is so much more to be scared of when faced with Dr Feendish with his arsenal of evil medical implements, and sure, she can put on the evil nurse facade herself, though she is not remotely as convincing as he is.

Dr Feendish was a realisation of a huge medical fetish of course.  The fantasy of having someone cold and clinical and sadistic doing mad experiments to her body and brain was something this girl always dreamed of, or had nightmares of, or both!

Grimly is so convincing as the Doctor. When he puts on the white coat he is very much like another person entirely, and for a moment she can forget he is the same person she is completely in love with. She really can hate the doctor! He is so detached.  This girl enjoys role play that is as developed as that. To just dress around and pretend to be a new character is okay, but, you need to repeat it a few times to have any chance of believing the fantasy for the length of time you are required to. You need to have the confidence of knowing a bit about what you’re doing, you need to sort of be able to sink into it, otherwise the person you are playing with wont believe it either.

Ok, so its a lot easier to play the part of the lab rat than it is the doctor.

Look scared, squeak, scream, try and hide in the cage. Its second nature for this girl to do that!

Though…lately…she reckons she needs a LOT more brainwashing and electrotherapy – oh yes indeed! 😉

A lot more!!

6 thoughts on “Speculi

  1. I think this girl knows exactly what she is writing, so yes, I think this is a hint …..

  2. Ugh *those* letters. I ignored six before my doctor got his secretary to call me and make an appointment.

    Worse is that a couple of years ago the test showed some ‘abnormal cells’ and some signs of inflammation, (which I reckon was down to the nurse being too rough – silly cow made me bleed!), so now I have to have them done every year instead of every three.

    And ok, so I find it much easier to be the doctor than the lab rat, personally, but I don’t think it’s remotely likely that anyone would find having a smear test a turn on. And mostly the nurses are so matter-of-fact and distant about it all, I doubt they’d notice anyway! We really are just bits of meat on a table to most of them.

  3. This reader has received this year already two of *those* letters. She is not reluctant, but her smear has been already tested once this year. They don’t know about it and that’s why they are keen on having me on the table.

    I’ll be happy to oblige! I cannot recognize thoughts like “what if she gets turned on?” Firstly that would be a wonder and secondly I would only be happy for her if she’d feel like that and keep it by herself.

    By the way women around here are tested once every 5 yrs.

  4. Here the first invite is sent when a woman is 25 years old. Then assuming the tests show no abnormalities the woman will be sent one of *those* letters every 3 years until she’s 49. Between the ages of 50 and 64 the tests are done every 5 years.

  5. Thank you, VelvetClaw. What can I say other than you are well taken care of. It seems I should have moved to the UK a long time ago to enjoy the smears. LOL

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