So..some pictures based on the cartoon from the last post….with a few Grimly modifications! πŸ˜‰ The cartoon was pinched from Singleglove’s rubberpal profile, Trinity Pup’s Dom. The hood is not the same type and Grimly didn’t want her to kneel because he wanted to have the fun of making her stand straight. Why do things the easy way??

So here we have a catsuit, inflatable vibrating plug, chastity belt, an arm binder, a corset, hood, spreader bar and lots of chains, and really, it is hard standing still in all of that!

This girl was going to write more…but the pictures probably justify what happened enough without you needing an explanation…..


If you enjoyed these pictures check out the bondage gallery

14 thoughts on “Single-gloved

  1. Yum and indeed yum. What exquisite taste you have! πŸ˜‰
    Don’t worry about pinching the image from me. After all, I didn’t when I purloined it off the interweb it myself, in a terrible abuse of copyright legislation (probably).

    I trust Grimly put a leash on you and took you for a little constitutional once you were secured? πŸ˜‰


  2. WOW! I’m in awe, but I could never do it without having a panic attack! lol


  3. OK, what happened to my comment? I’m sure I posted one but maybe in my addled state I didn’t!

    Hard to stand still and hard to move… what a dilemma!

  4. Hm, Sg walking about in the north of Scotland like that woudl get me funny looks I think, though I might end up wearing something similar ish for BBB in December.

    Velvet, you put your comment on the blog before this one. πŸ˜›

    vanimp, if you’re curious ask away!


  5. Simply superb. A better version of strictly come dancing ! That corset looks tight !

  6. Curious as in I would love to try that! I love the whole bondage thing being secured in something inescapable, restrained and enclosed. Yum!

  7. heheheh it is good fun, though, most times bondage for us involves very little ability to move.

    I wonder if he’s scared I’ll run away lol

  8. Another amazing photo spread! It must be a bit overwhelming sometimes, though I guess that’s also part of the point. Is there ever a point in something like this, where you realize you’re stuck and just not going anywhere? Is it when the final lock clicks, or is it when Grimly first starts? Just curious as to the headspace there. Thanks again for all you share.


  9. oh I think thats something that would take more than a few lines to answer lol will write something maybe in the next few days. xx

  10. oooh you little thief!! πŸ˜‰ Wowowowow! (as Kylie would say), you look amazing. The chastity belt looks rather intriguing! (oops i hope SG won’t read that!)

    t. x

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