Sharing this insanity…

This girl sometimes wonders about what is right to share. Whether its possible to write about too much here, whether by going on about it so much it loses some of magic by recording it for all to hear about, and also whether indeed she wants to share Grimly with the world at all!

Though of course, this girl doesn’t write about everything that happens. A lot remains private.

And, sometimes, its someone else’s turn to tell the story, which is why this girl hasn’t really much about Velvet’s visit, especially as Velvet has been doing a much better job of it!

You can read Velvet’s stories here, and whether there are more to come or whether the trick of brainwashing her into forgetting the rest of her ordeal has worked …well…who knows! *insert evil maniacal laughter*

Though of course, this girl is really NOT the evil one. In fact, this girl came to the realisation some time ago that she is not remotely dominant, after having played in the past with two incredibly submissive people and it not lasting it suggests that it really wasn’t her for the long term. Though of course, it was extremely good fun at the time. Once this girl met Grimly, that was it really, any domme in her was gone, or, at least for the forseeable future. Topping of course – is another thing entirely – its always possible to do the physical stuff its just getting into the headspace and mentality – this girl can’t do that from the other way around. She’s too used to what she is with Grimly to try and be something else, perhaps one too many mindfucks eh lol.

Anyway, having someone else there for him to torment was fun, although weird in a way to watch how someone else reacts or doesn’t react to the same things as this girl is very much used to having inflicted on her. In fact, it makes this girl possibly appreciate even more just how hard his job is to keep alert and keep things interesting, and thats harder when you don’t know how your victim will necessarily react.

Sometimes what Grimly does is a bit like putting on a show. A spectacular one at that. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and it’s a good way of realising the fantasy. At least for this girl anyway.

Sometimes this girl feels a bit the same about the blog, like its an effort to make it interesting, to make people intrigued enough by it, but at the same time keeping a bit of mystery. There possibly isn’t an awful lot of mystery..apart from the secret identity thing but then writing stuff about work and stuff like that just isn’t appropriate for a blog with this sort of content. Someone asked the other day when this girl might share a face picture. She has done it ,in the past, and if you’re a long time reader you’ll have seen. But, given the amount of people that can now come across these writings through a variety of outlets – its not something this girl is prepared to share again – unless its with someone she’s planning to meet or something like that.

As far as bondage pictures that show expression – only Grimly is entitled to that…and really….when this girl is stressed out and tortured …it’s not pretty!!

This girl shares what she feels able to, and nothing more than that. It gets irritating when she comes across people that copy her pictures onto other sites and things without crediting it too, its like stealing her kink, stealing what she’s been generous enough to show, and for that reason, face pictures are staying off.

As for sharing him, its fun sometimes to let other people experience this madness and this insanity. Though, its just as well he’s not into the ‘third’ thing or any of that poly stuff because this girl just couldnt handle that, lending his skills for a few hours or a few days is fine on a random basis and fun to have a bit of variety, but having someone come into the relationship on a permanent basis – no chance! It would be a deal-breaker.

This girl is happy to share bits of her BDSM, but not her man, and not her whole life. Just the crazy bits, just the bits you might be interested in.

In this picture, this girl shared oxygen. By a local contact, Grimly managed to get hold of an oxygen canister and had it rigged up with tubing to each gas mask here so that the air supply had to be shared. Breath play is very erotic to begin with anyway, so having someone also in a bound tormented position gasping at that same air supply….amazing.

And straight jackets are pretty hot aren’t they? And …pretty fitting…all things considered 😉

13 thoughts on “Sharing this insanity…

  1. just wanted to drop by and say hi and let ya know i am still around….blog got a worm….damn things….got someone working on it right now…trying to fix it!
    This is a HOT post!!! thanks!
    Have a great holiday!!!

  2. Great post… and one that strikes a chord with me. I am often in two minds (sometimes more, but that usually means I need more medication. NURSE!), about what to share. There are photos, some of them from my visit up there, that I would dearly love to share in some ways, but that I feel would just be showing too much of myself, (literally in some cases), in others. That’s one of the reasons I have yet to post many of the photos at all. That and I just haven’t been in the mood to sort and upload photos recently. Besides, it seems that half my Friends can’t see most of my Friends Only photos anyway, so some testing may be in order.

    On the blog, yes, there will be more. I will finish the story, or as much of it as I can remember and put into words! I’ve been suffering from Domme ‘flu, (which is much, much worse than Man ‘flu, let me assure you), for more than a week now and I’ve been busy, sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and making everyone else’s life miserable. I’m recovering now though and hope to be at least functioning vaguely normally again soon.

    It has just occurred to me that I must be getting better as I am referring to it as “Domme ‘flu” now rather than “plague”! Me? Drama queen, much? LOL!

    But back to the sharing thing… I have been considering setting up a blog myself. But do I really want to give my pet and my victims an insight into what goes on in my head? Do I want to run the risk of people actually understanding what makes me tick? Showing that much of oneself is a risk and such knowledge can be used to cause harm… I like to get into people’s heads and meddle to cause pleasure, but I know there are those who use what they know of people to wound and cause distress. Do I want to leave myself open to that? And do I want to risk my pet and my victims developing such an understanding of me that what I do becomes predictable? Or less mysterious? I don’t know if it could. I hope not, but I am concerned that maybe… maybe if they understand me, I’ll be less fun somehow.

    And now I am thinking have I shared too much here? Have I given too much of a view into my mind, (not that it’s likely to make any sense rambling, hopped up on Lemsip tablets at 2.30am but still…)?

    Hmmm, questions, questions… How much to share? How much to keep back? But then as you know, letting people into my head and my thoughts is something I find very difficult anyway. Maybe I need to start a blog as an exercise in opening up a bit.

    Hmm, something for me to ponder on.

  3. And yes, straitjackets are most definitely hot. And somewhat sweaty too.

    And trust Grimly to choose to do that on the night there was no hot water…

  4. slavegurl, hope you get everything sorted soon hun!

    Velvet, hmm you say you’re not sure about writing a blog, but you write bloody long comments!

    Not that its a complaint!


  5. Life is art. Purely and simply. Each of us is most fully alive when we elevate every nuance of every moment in life to art. And we can always tell when we have begun to give too much of ourselves or the slightly-wrong elements of our experience when the mystique begins to tint with fatigue.

    Life is a fascinating, scintillating and exceedingly complex set of interactions that build passion and learning. Or at least I certainly am of a mind that it ought to be. It is a simple fact that no one of us is dominant or submissive across all facets of life; that is just part of the balance that makes it joyful.

    This Girl, in this blog you dominate. Utterly.
    Never forget that, as a work of self-expression, this blog is yours. Never forget what you have achieved. And never forget that here, you hold court. Courtiers occasionally make requests. However, a courtier who starts to sound demanding is a laughable farce.

    Thank you for what you have opted to share. When you feel mystique in your life, you reflect it beautifully. And your honesty is always engaging.

  6. Well there you go Velvet that solves your problem,you could easily write a blog. You’re half way there!

    I like the reference to the courtiers…i am ashamed to say I really loved the tV series ‘the tudors’ and cant wait for the next series. Loved all that intrigue, and bed hopping and the fact that it was so far from what the actual truth would of been as to be almost comedy lol. I don’t really do requests. I had a sort of ask me thing on the blog for a while but no one asked anything!

    Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

    TG xx

  7. I don’t comment as usually what you write resonates with me so well there are no words that will do coming from me.

    You write wonderfully, honestly and openly. I have been following your blog for a few months now and it’s one of my favourites.

    As for people pinching things grr… I’ve had that experience with some of my poetry. Isn’t it funny, I post images but never of my face. I like to keep some form of mystery and it is a challenge to keep things interesting.

    Keep writing, you do it so damn well!

    imp x

  8. Imp, thanks for saying such nice things!

    No one has ever stolen my poetry – no one’s even commented much on it lol.

    I don’t post face pictures either just to keep a bit of privacy.


    TG xx

  9. I must say that I am excited to think about Grimly dealing with both of you.

    I’d love to read the blog but am not sure how to access it – can you help please?

    I love reading your entries and whilst I am a rare contributor would like to say again how thrilling it is to read about your thoughts and escapades……

    Darcey x x

  10. Something I find more erotic is sharing the same air in a rebreathing bag. Sharing Oxygen is just breathing oxygen. Sharing a rebreathing bag is to share a limited amount of air, which is rapidly (at twice the normal rate) turning in to CO2. Then you find out who your friends really are. The first one to remove, and ask that their mask be removed is the looser. I have pictures which I will send separately.

  11. “Sharing Oxygen is just breathing oxygen.”

    It’s not quite that straightforward when the supply can be controlled very specifically and is being limited. Trust me!

    And then when a certain madman does something to one or other captive subject to increase the need for/use of oxygen it becomes more interesting still.

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