‘I’ll always feel this way about you’

Its quite rare for this girl to talk directly about sex all that much. And this isn’t going to be directly about it either, well not in the way some people might want to read it, but who knows.

This girl mentioned in her last post about how sometimes its difficult to cram as much BDSM into her time with Grimly as she might want due to other things getting in the way. Life does that. Sometimes certain things need to get done at a certain time and that means putting the BDSM to one side for later, and sometimes, that means even sex isn’t as much a priority as it might be.

Despite the best of intentions, it can happen that if this girl and Grimly have a busy and hectic day – they don’t feel like sex, and just end up cuddling and falling asleep. Yep, maybe thats a sort of old married couple thing to do, but, its really not possible to think about BDSM and sex 24/7. Sometimes those cuddles and just the feeling of his arms around her is enough for this girl. She wonders whether people think she’s some sort of BDSM addict, always up to some sort of pervertery and dressed to the nines all the time in latex or leather. It’s really not the case. Sorry to disappoint, and shatter the illusion but this girl is writing this post in fluffy pyjamas and legwarmers with a big cup of hot chocolate. Its not a sexy image, no, but, this is the reality.

Its just not possible to be a bondage babe and the perfect submissive the whole time! The things Grimly and this girl do take a lot of energy and its just not possible to maintain that the whole time, so sometimes, chill out is required.

But, of course, there are other times, when its time to step things up a little.

A few nights a go this girl was determined to make sure her Master fell asleep because of being knocked out by orgasm and not by being worn out from running about in circles doing necessary yet extremely vanilla things!

So, for bed, she put the chastity belt on voluntarily. Yeah, you might think thats an odd thing to wear for sex, but not if its to see if he’ll be tempted enough to not be able to resist unlocking it.

Making the effort to romantically and erotically seduce someone is always fun, especially when there is that added twist of knowing that you are up against a cruel and sadistic bastard and that you have to play the game on their rules which are never fair!

So yeah. This girl isn’t going to write it play by play, that’s not her style when it comes to sex, its too intimate to go into every inch of gory detail, but you can imagine perhaps a rather content man in bed with a girl in chastity and collar trying desperately to use her hands and mouth to make him aroused enough to reach for the key by doing it exactly the way he wants, slow, passionate, and completely about him and his body.

Most of the BDSM this girl and Grimly do is about his mind and her body, so thats why the sex is always special its her turn to pay him back for his devious creativity and for it to get a bit more physical for him. Sometimes it makes this girl feel a bit animalistic that when it comes to physical pleasure she’s the one thats more in need of it, more controlled by the needs of her own body, whereas he, enjoys things on a more mental level and gets off on the power to be able to do things as opposed to the feeling of having things done to him.

That’s not to say he doesn’t like being pleasured by his slave. He is a man after all, and even unusual men still have their animal needs too. Maybe even more so at times!

So, he decided to unlock it.

It is perhaps a bit difficult to sort of make it sound as erotic as it actually was because describing an emotional and sexual feeling is always difficult, its always hard to write about stuff thats sort of really goes down to a very personal and special level. However, that moment when the belt fell away when he looked into her eyes and unlocked it was really special and tender and yet very symbollic of his power, and the sex that followed after that was amazing.

It made her feel completely submissive to him, a moment where it just felt right. No vanilla things to worry about, no bad behaviour, everything just right, everything just perfect.

At that moment, this girl said to him ‘this is how i wanted you to feel about me this whole weekend’, because, yet again, a weekend of the whole D’s thing being there the whole time hadn’t quite happened as she’d hoped it would, too much other stuff had got in the way of it. How hard can it really be to have a weekend or a few days of uninterrupted indulgent BDSM and sex?

The answer is – when you’re in a loving relationship that has other requirements on your time – very.

Oh, but this girl’s complaint isn’t all that loud really, time with him is fun whatever happens. Unless….its continually at the motor club fiddling about with cars. Yeah, let’s not go there.

But, you know, Grimly wasn’t complaining at all, and that’s what he said, that he’d always feel that way about her no matter what. Β In control of her, owner of her, and in love with her.

7 thoughts on “‘I’ll always feel this way about you’

  1. Hello This Girl, I have corresponded with Grimly on a few occasions but this is my first time viewing ( and replying to ) someones blog !!
    Tremendous writings you have penned for us to enjoy and I’m glad the recent description of a loving couple empathises the need for love and not just sex.
    It always amazes me when people email us to say/ask how does my wife stay in boindage for so long…the answer is ( as you rightly say )…she doesn’t !!!
    I have been tying the poor wench for 25 years now and we know her level ( for instance..any gag you like as long as it is not a ball gag – she hates them with a vengence! ).
    Whilst I’m not as technically minded as the wonderful Grimly, I know what my subbie likes πŸ™‚
    She loves wearing her hoods and sates she can be anyone she likes from whore to ponygirl , behind the hood as I can longer see a ‘wifes’ face so she doesn’t have to a be a respectable wife ( does that make sense?).
    Great blog..thanks for mentioning that most of the time the Ladies are not in bondage but ordinary street clothes ( and my 2d worth, shattering the image of subbies going to work fitted with a butt plug etc etc as many single men would believe !)
    Great posts and great pics and a great couple .

    Cheers KC

    P.S. Had coffee with RichardM the other day..we meet two or three times a year to discuss tactics

  2. The reason people enjoy reading your blog is becuse we know it is real. There are so many who build up fantasy worlds that create things that are inconsistent, and add doubt to all that they say.

    It is fitting that KC has posted here as well. They are the real deal, and I have found through occasional direct correspondence, that they do maintain that delicate balance between daily demands and decadent debauchery.

    If you have not spoken directly to Mrs. KC, I would encourage it since I think it would be a great comfort to hear about her experiences and similarities.

    Getting Mr. KC and Grimly together might be too much for you and Mrs. KC. One shudders(and gets aroused) just thinking what could be invented if two of the most create minds in heavy BDSM got together!

  3. KC, thanks very much for your comment, very much appreciated coming from such bondage maniacs as yourselves! I get sick of the ‘how long were you like this’ question too…i think the best answer is…’long enough to enjoy it, not too long to get bored’ πŸ˜‰

    Gosh, 25 years is a long time…you’ve been doing this since I was three! and I hope I am still doing it in 25 years time, about 7 so far for me, over 20 odd for him and 4 years together.

    Oh, and for the record…i’ve never been to work wearing a butt plug!

    Indeed, Richie is also a superb bondage enthusiast, I envy him having all those pretty girls to tie up!

    Tim, well who knows maybe we’ll all have a mega bondage fest one of these days…they don’t live a million miles away!


    TG xx

  4. a beautifully written piece once again… i was trying to guess if Grimly would unlock it or not, before i read the answer.

    you are the real deal, no doubt about that!

    *waits patiently for the post inspired by SG* πŸ˜‰

    t. x

  5. There are times when he wouldn’t! He’s quite good at not acting on temptation when he wants to be a bastard about it.

    I hope the wait is worth it…maybe its bad of me to tease ? lol

    TG xxx

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