Cooking the Sunday roast

Any guesses as to what might have happened whilst cooking the Sunday dinner?

12 thoughts on “Cooking the Sunday roast

  1. I’m pretty sure we’d never guess, as it’s undoubtedly something despicable and very interesting :p (or am I missing something really, really obvious?)

    Also, thats a really nice colour catsuit. Not seen one in dark green before. Might have to look into that!

    Also, keep up the excellent blog – its really good to read from someone obviously very much in love with both the scene and their Dom.

  2. The gas went off? 😉

    You were chained to an assistant?

    Gravy enema? Custard enema?

    Actually, I dread to think…

  3. When grimly asked if you wanted stuffing he wasn’t talking about the chicken !

  4. Dan, no it wasn’t supposed to be obvious. I was being a bit naughty I suppose trying to ask you all to guess the impossible lol.

    Tom, come on, i’m more careful than that!

    Geoff, thanks

    V, no, the gas didn’t go off. Not this time! Very funny! 😛

    Though, there nearly could have been an explosion when I knocked over the oxygen cannister lol

    No no no , no stuffing, no enemas.

    The thought of using gravy for an enema is just a sick…where do you people get these ideas!




    see the next blog for the answer to what happened…

  5. Nice color, u look awesome

    did u spend the whole day dressed like that??

    mmm nice

  6. It’d be unfair to guess now, since I know the answer, so instead I’ll simply say that’s a lovely pic and I know what I’d love to have for dinner!

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