Love our Lurkers 3


Via Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts

So, if you’re a lurker here on my blog, and don’t normally comment – please say hello!!!

Read the history of Love our Lurkers after the break

Bonnie has been doing Love our Lurkers for three years now – this girl has joined in before so thought why not again! …..

Welcome, my friends, to our third annual Love Our Lurkers Day! This is our community’s opportunity to share the love with our silent readers. I know from my statistics that there are thousands of readers of this blog who have never left a comment. If this describes you, then today is your day.

During last year’s event, 83 spanking-oriented blogs posted LOL messages and they received 1444 comments. Better still, we met many, many great people. Quite a few remain regular readers to this day. Several have become successful bloggers in their own right.

This year, we are inviting 135 bloggers to participate! And it’s all for you.

While we may not see your face or read your words, we know you’re out there. Even in silence, your return visits provide a gentle affirmation.

I would like to invite you to leave a comment below. It can be as long or short as you choose. You can use a fake name or no name at all. What’s important is that you poke your head up just far enough that we might see you.

If you feel chatty, please feel free to tell me how I might make this blog more interesting, more useful, more attractive, more spanky, or more fun. I’m always in the market for great new ideas. If a simple hello is enough for you, I’ll welcome that as well.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you!I hope you will visit these friends and say hello!

I tried to find e-mail addresses for as many spanking-oriented bloggers as I could, but there were several that I couldn’t reach. If you know anyone in our community who wasn’t notified, please by all means invite them to join us. If you are among this group or if your invitation was trapped by a naughty spam filter, I sincerely hope that you will create your own Love Our Lurkers post!

Here’s a running list of other great blogs that are participating in today’s festivities:

New to Spanking
Wilhelmina Dreams
Our Bottoms Burn
The Discipline Blog of Mark
Vanilla Spankos Blog
Robin’s Red Bottom
Spanked Hortic
Ludwig’s Rohrstock-Palast
Green Rootsdown
Spanking Pixie
Blogs of a Midlife Crisis
Journey to the Darkside
New Beginnings
Educating Pammie
By Any Other Word
A Well Disciplined Girl
American Spanking Society
Freshly Spanked
Nothing Random
Jujubees’ Journal
Time Out for Love
Hermione’s Heart
This Girl’s Weblog
My Dabble in the Middle End
The Heron Clan
All Things Spanking
Spanking Minnesota
Strange Imagination
Tiny Miranda
Thomas’s Spanking Adventures
Scarlett’s Letters
Aunty Agony
Cassie’s Space
I Married a Spanko
Spanked Italian Girl
The Naughty Side of K
Niki Flynn’s Not Blog
From My Other Side
Spanky Loves Kallisto
The Cookie Jar
Radha Sutra
Spanking Kate James
Cowgirl’s Spanking Journey
The Spanking Spot
Confessions of a College Spanko
Random Mussing
Spanking News Blog
A Changing Submissive
Proper Spanking Stories
Katisms: Ramblings of an ΓΌberbrat
This Cat is Crazy
The Wallflower: Perceptions From the Edge

While we are offering our gratitude, I think it’s appropriate to recall that we share this day with the men and women who have served the cause of peace in our world. Whether we call it Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, I would like to offer tribute to those whose solemn sacrifices remain meaningful through all the years.

34 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers 3

  1. Hello! I don’t think I’ve commented since last year now I think of it. How remiss of me. But I”ve had a feed for a very long time and enjoy learning from reading and looking at photos. Blessings to you! I hope you get to meet lots of new readers. *smiles*

  2. Hi there!
    I am a regular reader to your blog although I don’t always comment. I know I’ve left you a few comments though. Love your pictures and posts! πŸ™‚

  3. This_girl
    Love your blog. Only discovered it 2 weeks ago so still reading it to catch up. did you ever suffer the forfeit for last years lovefest ?


  4. Hi T_G!

    I’m delighted that you are involved with LOL again this year. I hope you get lots of great lurker comments!


  5. padme – ditto!

    smwsurv – hmm…i thought everyone had forgotten about that – although I dont think Grimly has! We haven’t yet got a chastity belt i can wear for that long though. What shoud i do for this year do you think?

    Bonnie – you’re welcome! I think its great that you’ve created this interweb phenomenon!


  6. hi A.S.S & welcome πŸ™‚ Grimly do you ever forget anything! Thanks Macperv πŸ™‚

    Tom, you are welcome anytime – did you see the pic of the kilts a few blogs ago – i still think you would look good in one!

  7. Wouldn’t dream of stepping on the fiends toes, not sure if he would welcome suggestions from strangers, although my imagination is running riot ! If anybody can be said to have things under control it’s him. But if I were in your shoes, I would be getting very nervous about Xmas….

  8. This Girl,

    Hello there! I wanted to take this time to de-lurk. I visit here often and like what I see! Awesome job!


  9. Nice job! I have visited many times in the past, but never left a comment.

    S. in Dallas

  10. I NEVER post on blogs or anywhere, but I LOVE your writing and your blog, and I always read your stuff avidly! You look like you have such a great time, and I always feel cheery after reading one of your posts! I’ve learned so much from you and the other bloggers I read, and I think I will go and try and let a few more know. Many thanks, and I hope to post a bit more when I get the hang of it and am not so nerve wracked! Thanks so much for all your work posting. ScaredyCat! πŸ˜‰

  11. did you see the pic of the kilts a few blogs ago – i still think you would look good in one!

    You’re kidding, right? I’ve never seen anything here but leather and latex.

    I keep telling Mrs. Edge that I’m going to get a kilt. She tells me to go ahead… just not to expect that we can be seen together.

  12. Adding my two cents. TO quote Fernando
    “You look Mahvelous”

    (and remember Grimly never forgets, he just uses it against you )


  13. I found your blog only recently and I am enjoying it greatly. It does a good job of showing all the sides of a D/s relationship. I am glad someone like you is sharing your experiences! I look forward to hearing more.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi TG – I love your blog and read it regularly. You are obviously a very smart and thoughtful woman, deliciously kinky and a delight to (virtually!) know. Thank you! Phil

  15. Hi there I found your Blog via The Rubber Vault and it’s fascinating, so good that you two have formed a great partnership. I haven’t contributed so far as I don’t like to clutter up good sites with irrelevant chat (mine).
    I will say that your piece on Remembrance was very relevant to me as I also feel that it’s important that we don’t forget and that those sacrifices continue to be made whether or not we agree with the conflict.
    Wishing you a wonderfully tortu(r)ous future.

  16. Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the lovely comments, I’m really touched so many people popped their heads up to say hello!

    TG xx

  17. I read your blog all the time. I am newish to BDSM myself and I read your blog for info. I love how informative you are and I think the relationship with you and Grimly is just wonderful. So here is my lurker hello!

  18. well gidday from down under. I have commented at least once before…I think. Thanks for the invite to say hi and thanks very much for continuing to write.

    happy sub of the velvet_steel

  19. Thanks to LOL I found your blog.

    Here is to checking it out more and more and never being a lurker.

  20. Thanks for all the great comments, when i have some more time free will go through some of your sites here and add to my links too. I love LOL its so great to see how many people are out there! xx

  21. I am also here πŸ™‚ Love to read your posts (and, yeah, watch the pictures).

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