Remembrance Sunday

This girl has always paid her respects on Poppy Day. Its one of those things that she was just always brought up to respect.Many countries have a special day to remember those that fell in their wars; America has Veterans Day, while France has Armistice Day. The British commemorate those who fought, and are still fighting, in wars for their country on Remembrance Day – November 11 the date the ceasefire of WW1 was agreed. This year is the 90th anniversary, with Remembrance Sunday being held as the nearest Sunday to that date – today.

This girl has always tried to respect Remembrance Sunday and also the 11 November when they do not fall on the same day. It doesn’t take a lot to be silent for 2 minutes and think about people close to you who you may have lost, and also to think about others who have sacrificed things for you without even knowing you.

As a child this girl would normally go for a walk on the beach with her Dad and watch the rockets go off at the lighthouse to mark the start and end of the silence, and , despite knowing the rockets would make a really big noise it made her jump every time. She’s going to go into town tomorrow to mark it at the local ceremony, and Grimly will do the same where he is, and so will her Mum and Dad where they are, all at the same time.

Its sort of special really to think that so many people are having similar thoughts at the same time…for a good and worthy reason.

Its important to remember both the departed and the living, and to keep special the things that prove that serviceman who have died have not died totally in vain. It would be hard not to be touched by that.

This episode of British comedy Blackadder, reminds us in a light hearted way a little of the impact of WWI which November 11th 1918 ended.

The first time this girl saw this episode she cried, maybe because she could identify with the thoughts of the characters, maybe because it says something about how ridiculous some conflicts are in some cases i.e. going over the trench really was a certain death for possibly gaining only a few inches of ground.

Its important though just to remember the people who fight for us, and their families.

Some pictures from where this girl was today – not the best pictures as taken with a mobile but you get the idea of the atmosphere a bit –

5 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Lest we forget – let us love and cherish those veterans that are still around that gave up the best years of their lives so we could have the freedom to do what we do. We owe them so much.

  2. Welcome! What a cold day! The pictures dont’ quite show the hail that all the old veterans and current servicemen & women had to walk round the square in…though needless to say they were applauded the whole way.

    TG x

  3. I hadn’t really realised that much about how stuff went down in WW1 before this month. Until recently my best education on the subject being the Blackadder series you mention (that end scene made me cry too when I first saw it).

    Sad but true, history education was a bit lacking at my school. I’ve had a few more blanks filled in lately watching “journeys end” & “Oh, what a lovely war!” at the theatre. Funny (ironic?) how, decades later, it’s left to “entertainment” to tell the sorry tale of so many wasted lives. How, in a much less sophisticated time, the government played the “guilt” card to lure so many men to war. Then arse-about-face strategy to seal their deaths. (Then casting shame on those unwilling to die “just because” into the bargain).

    It seems pretty obvious that war is wrong.


    If I could opt out of the human race & become a cat I’d be a lot happier, really I would.

    Thanks for bringing it up. It seems to have become less & less fashionable in these modern times.


  4. Thanks Sadie for your comments 🙂 My knowledge of British history is pretty good. Aside obviously from being English it was a subject force fed at school by my hot history teacher lol

    That and i’ve always found it a fascinating subject, but its weird how comedy sometimes shows the fact that a lot about it is so ridiculously tragic.

    TG xx

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