Make the right choice on election day…

This girl is not an American and therefore is not really very caught up with the election fever currently sweeping the US. But today just got her thinking about the choices she made the last time there was an election here in the UK….

The last UK general election was the 5 May 2005. A memorable date you might say.

This girl is ashamed to say she did not vote at that election. She would have, but there was far too much other stuff going on. Her ex proposed.

He picked the date because it was a memorable one, perhaps the same reason why Tony Blair picked it too – 05/05/05. All credit to him, the proposal was romantic and this girl said yes, and you know what? Probably for the same reasons why people make the wrong choices at other times when they are caught up with excitement and promises and big gestures. Yeah like elections.

Its easy to believe those promises and pledges.

Ultimately that relationship though was doomed. This girl isn’t sure anymore whether he proposed because he loved her  or because he was wanting to just simply mark his territory and control her. Its probably the latter. Committing into it though, made things really difficult. If this girl had really stopped to think instead of just saying yes she would have realised that by then she was actually already in love with someone else, who was her soulmate. But its so easy to be swept up in the moment and make a bad decision like that, especially when someone makes all that effort its so hard to say no.

But then, sometimes you have to live with choices like that for a long time, sometimes longer even than an election term. This girl is still, in a lot of ways paying for some of the mistakes she’s made in the past, and unfortunately life is like that. 

Don’t make the wrong decision, because it could be several years before you have opportunity to change it or recover from the consequences. Make the decision that is right for you, not what your Dom says or what your friends say. It is important to follow your own opinions and judgments.

This girl does not understand subs who allow their doms to control their vote. Well, in fact she does understand how it could be someone’s wish to be controlled that way..but…people fought hard for the right for women to vote, for freedom of speech…so why let someone else take control of that? Especially when its so very important?

This girl couldn’t comment really on who she thinks should win the election, she feels there’s been so much publicity for like two years that the whole thing is a bit overkill, though, something says Obama seems right. 

Well…we’ll see what happens!

3 thoughts on “Make the right choice on election day…

  1. I’ve got to say this is one of the most powerful entries you’ve written. I too believe that voting is one of the most important things we need to do year after year. I simply don’t understand those that feel their vote doesn’t count, their voice won’t be heard, etc… There are a lot of places in this world of ours that voting is an option that some will never have. Let’s not dishonor those that have tried and lost to bring the chance of a vote to their nation.

  2. Very well written…. I am happy that I am not with a Dom who feels the great need to take that freedom or choice away from me – not that anyone could …(I’m too independent and willful) He’d would be happy that I took the time, effort and consideration to make the choice and vote – regardless of my choice of candidates.

  3. Dale, i quite agree . Do you know what else is sort of ironic – tomorrow is the day we celebrate an attempt to blow up parliament with fireworks whilst over in the US you are going politics crazy!

    Thanks baby, I agree as long as the choice is well thought out then it should be allowed to be acted on.

    Well..we’ll all see what happens in the next 24 hours eh?

    TG xx

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