Anally hooked

This girl has mentioned before how she has this stupidly masochistic way of suggesting things or presenting things to Grimly that are going to create a lot of torment, and a lot of frustration. This one is no different – the Extreme Restraints anal hook.

This girl has been hooked on anal play sometime and it is always one of those things that she can never make her mind up whether she loves or hates. It really depends on what sort of mood she is in at the time really.

This girl’s first experience of anal sex was completely vanilla and probably a very ‘average way’ of happening. Guy suggests it to girl. Girl thinks it over. Guy persists and convinces her. Girl relents and ends up getting addicted, and for a while its all they do. Well, thats how it was for this girl anyway. It was fun because it was different and taboo and apart from anything else it felt rather nice 😉

She never came across so much as a butt plug until much later. The idea of using toys for stimulation or for humiliation did not come until quite a few years after her first anal experience, and as with so many BDSM things – its a case of why or why didn’t she work this all out years earlier???!

Anyway, her first dom went about anal in the very ‘by the book’ dom way of the ‘well maybe i’ll do it if you do your anal training’. So, maybe this girl is very un-trainable because she really does find trying to make things that should be fantasies into routine a bit stifling as though it sort of spoils it a bit almost. It takes the fun away. This girl can relate to how the thought of being trained, of having to do certain things for your Master every day *can* be fun, and erotic, and amazing…and there are things that she does for Grimly that make her feel completely controlled and his…and yet…the whole butt plug training thing – she found a chore. Grimly has never  asked her to do it, though of course, it is not really his style either.

Anal play with him is more interesting and less predictable, because its never really certain when it will happen, and quite often, this girl won’t foresee it until she’s tied down and its too late. Its more fun that way. Of course, there is one way of sort of being able to know when it is going to happen – tempt him with something new.

This girl had not previously bought anything from Extreme Restraints, so it was an experiment to see what the service would be like. As internet shopping goes, it was ok, but she got stung a little with vat and custom charges. However, this girl had not come across one of these hooks being available as good as this in the UK…so she went for it.

As always, when Grimly gets a new devious or sadistic idea he gets this sort of demented look across his face, so when this girl gave him the hook she was almost beginning to wish she hadn’t. He was kind enough to give her an enema first of course! Hmmm. Also kind enough to put the hook in the fridge first too!

The hook isn’t actually as scary as it looks , although it does have a lot of potential. The cold steel feels very clinical and cruel, but mostly once its in the worst part of the whole thing is the predicament bondage – knowing that once its secured if you move the wrong way its going to remind you its there. This girl got really turned on by that, and turned on more when he used a few electrical contacts to make it like one big anal electrode. Though, given the size she couldn’t really feel the electric through it too much.

This is definately a toy worth investing in if you like anal and if you like bondage. Its got a lot of potential for being a lot of fun.

From this girl’s point of view though it maybe perhaps made it just a little obvious to Grimly that she is hinting at something, and probably, not all that subtelty.

Whats wrong with wanting  your Dom to fuck your ass? Well, ok , nothing, unless he keeps on not doing it!

Oh this girl knows its a mind fuck alright, he keeps her thinking, wondering, whether each time he gives her an enema, or puts  a plug in there or an electrode, or anything whether he might use that to lead on to doing it…bastard!

Though its not as if this girl is in a position to complain about anything is it?

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12 thoughts on “Anally hooked

  1. Wow, that hook looks intimidating! I’m as drawn to it as I am afraid of it, lol.


  2. heehe i think its supposed to look scary! though really the ball is the biggest part. Though i think you can get bigger balls on some of the gay sites. lol. Not that i’ve looked! Erm.

    TG xx

  3. Certainly does look intimidating, but also quite fun! Once again, I find myself both envying you and pitying you! Weird how both can come form the same situation. Hope you enjoyed, and are now “hooked”!

  4. I love it when my sadist master inserts the anal hook in me, ties it off to my collar when I am on all 4’s, and flogs my ass and mouth fucks me. It is nice because if I move, I feel it inside me pressing against organs that secrete juices that put my body into euporia, giving me an awesome experience.

  5. I have one similiar. The ball is a bit larger. I use it often in my self bonage sessions. I will insert it and raise it to where I am on my tippie toes. With it inserted, there is no way to lower myself with taking it completely out.

    I do enjoy it. A must, for any self bondage person.


  6. I bought anal hook with removable ball. It came with 2 different size balls and I can use which ever I want. Totally awesome toy.

  7. it’s a very special feeling, wearing this anal hook with a 2 inch ball!!!
    First time, you’re afraid, then accepting it. Second time you ADORE being hooked by the ass!!
    So great, for orgasmic pleasures!! INCREDIBLY MARVELOUS!!!

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