Whats really wrong with calling it ‘torture’?

There was a discussion on fetlife about this. About what is ‘Electro-torture’, about how it should be defined about what it is and what it isn’t. The general feeling was that electro play is incredibly intense and erotic, but the aim should be for pleasure, not to inflict pain. But really, what is wrong with wanting to inflict pain though anyway? Isn’t that part of the point sometimes?

This girl can distinctly remember when she first heard about electro-torture, and, it wasn’t in a fetish context. It was via the lispy voice of the ever so dominant history teacher, Mr Hill. Do all history teachers seem to be turned on when they talk about torture? Maybe it was just him. Maybe deep down he was some sort of sick and twisted bastard, but then, maybe again he wasn’t. Maybe he was always just some boring bloke harangued by idiotic school kids, but then, that sort of spoils the retrospective fantasy.  So, anyhow, he taught a little about the Nazi regime, and about what they did in concentration camps, and, he wasn’t really one for glamorizing it or hiding the truth about what really happened. Whether teachers would be allowed to tell 14 year olds about women and men having their genitals tortured and electrocuted these days is of course another  matter, but thats what he did. This girl can’t remember her reaction about it too clearly apart from being morbidly interested as you would be at that age.

BDSM electro-torture is of course something entirely different. Ok, there are people that don’t like the torture word, as though it trivializes the experiences of people who have had true non-consensual experience of it. But, its the best word this girl knows of for describing how this type of play works, and after all, BDSM is dark,twisted and a bit sinister at times so why try and dress it up with a pretty word and pretend that we don’t want to hurt each other?

Sadism, sometimes, is kind of the point. This girl is quite content with the knowledge that she knows at times Grimly wants to hurt her,torment her, make her suffer and squirm and scream because of his actions. After all, its part of what she gets off on. But of course, its done with enough restraint to not go too far. Thats not to say it isn’t scary sometimes, the addiction is as strong for a sadist as it is for a masochist, to just to push a little bit more.

Electro play is an easy way of being given that temptation. There are so many possibilities. Though to think that it is only for pleasure, or for orgasm, is not completely true. From his point of view, he can easily inflict all manner of sensations with just a touch of button, and on the receiving end, this girl is left wondering whether how her body will react whether it will twinge, or convulse or shudder all over. It is one of the most fantastic sensations ever.Perhaps this girl is making it sound dangerous, or unsafe. In the wrong hands, it is, but in the right hands its amazing.

And it is torture. It really is. Imagine,having electrodes either side of your clit, whilst being strapped down with an evil demented genius beside you delivering shocks across that tiny most sensitive part of your body and say truthfully its not torture as you fight back both the orgasms and the whimpers and the screams. Its really not just the physical sensation , and that can ache and tingle and feel on fire, but its just as much the things going through in your head as well. When this girl is being electrocuted like that, her mind is all over the place, wondering what he’ll do next, wondering whether he’ll prolong it or force orgasm after orgasm after her, and thats as well as all the other thoughts that get muddled in there as well.

Its almost as though, if this girl could think rationally after a session with him straight away, well, it would be a failure. Well, not a failure. But the whole point is kind of to be totally flown away elsewhere, completely controlled and turned into some sort of quivering heap of submission. Well, thats the point for this girl.

Or at least one of them.

Thats sort of where the electro-torture fits in. It sort of fits into the ongoing brainwashing treatment and therapy which slowly remind this girl who exactly is control of her and what the benefits of being his submissive really are.

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6 thoughts on “Electro-torture

  1. This kind of blog is quite useful for someone who has also been having problems with this circumstance. I have looked at a number of resources to no avail. I will continue readingg and learning here in the hope of ultimately getting past this hurdle.

  2. Sexual electro-torture play with bondage elements, ectro-plugs it is interesting and sexy, but very easy and only for pleasure.
    Please post more about electo play devices.
    Thanks, nice blog 😉

  3. thanks for the comments, mike am unsure why you think electro play is easy when it is often extremely specialist equipment and also when the range of an electrical unit such as the et312 can be used for a whole load of different sensations on subjects who will have different tolerances.

  4. I love electro-sex/torture theme. I play with electro since 12 years to feel a lot of things and every new session is different from the last. Is great to know other people who knows about electro-play and knows how to use it without danger and using their brain.

    I hope read more of you.
    Cheers from Madrid.

  5. I also enjoy all aspects of “electro”, including electrotorture and electrostimulation. Recently, I’ve become fascinated with electrotorture. As a male, I’ve found that the difference between torture and stimulation is the intensity of the electrical current, and the wave frequency. I do enjoy both, especially when a “friend” is at the controls. I have found that both torture and stimulation will cause/force an orgasm. Oh, horrors!!

  6. I have searched for a female to give me (older swm) electroshock treatments. I actually want to go through the whole electrotorture routine, but I suppose people are afraid.
    Electroshock does have its benefits.

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