Exercise can be torture !

First up – this little clip is NOT this girl. It possibly does not need a great deal of explanation – its an exercise bike with built in fuck machine.

This girl had a thread on the hi-tech sex group on fetlife, and someone mentioned about manually operated fuck machines and it prompted her to do a bit of googling and she found Motorfun. Take a look – there are various ideas for fuck machines showing obvious ideas to completely wacky ones – like fuck machine roulette!  Yes! Seriously!

This girl loves fuck machines! So…finding this site with some novel ideas will maybe feed Grimly’s imagination a little. Well maybe a lot! Some of the ideas look modifyable too so Grimly would maybe build electrics into the device as well knowing him! Maybe an idea of being electrocuted on the butt if you dont’ cycle – and getting fucked if you do. 

Who said exercise had to be boring?

This girl is on the bandwagon of girls wanting to lose weight for Christmas most definately. She’s put a bit of weight on recently and she really wants to lose it again. She goes to the gym a little but it always feels a little uncomfortable when its full of thinner girls with perfect hair and makeup when this girl is just …well…casual. 

These ideas would actually make exercise fun.

So….do you think Grimly will be kind enough to liberate the disused exercise bike currently in his mum’s spare room?

* this one looks fun too…although a bit violent!

7 thoughts on “Exercise can be torture !

  1. Corsets have a wonderful way of cutting down on the food intake. So do helmets with little breathing holes that can only fit a straw through. It sounds like some aversion therapy or some incentive punishment can be modified on a home scale!

  2. Risky business! How do you think you can explain your mom your (i.e. Grimly) interest in her device?

  3. All those machines look like so much fun! I can’t wait to show them to my Daddy and see what he thinks of them. I’m hoping they inspire his creative side and he builds us something similar. 🙂


  4. Tim, its one of his aims to get me down a few corset sizes…i have several of them some 28″ which i can close easily and some 26″ which i can almost close. Though have to admit to not having worn one a lot lately so a bit out of practice!

    Reader, nice to here from you! 🙂 We’ll just tell his mum its for exercise for me. Though…his mum sort of knows about what he’s into (though not quite the full extent). His dad does not. It was funny actually, I was over there a few weeks ago and his dad asked me what was in the spare room and before I could answer his mum piped up that it was the train set and gave me a very funny look indeed!

    Rose, hope your Daddy gets some fun ideas, I think some of the ideas look easy to get inspiration from. Our next fuck machine is going to made out of old porsche bits. 0 to orgasm in 60 lol

    t, the roulette looks funny i think probably a fuck machine double ender thing would be more fun and less complicated!

    TG xx

  5. I often wear a heavy latex corset when doing a full routine of exercise. The resistance of the latex seems to increase the effects of the exercise, especially crunches and running.

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