This girl received a new gas mask in the post today, and the little box it came in just reminded her of children being evacauted in WW2…and of the scene at the start of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe…

The idea of this girl with her baggage and her gas mask escaping from the city to the country by train seems a little ironic, when, its not to escape war or conflict but to purposely seek out bondage and pain and all the other associated kinks that accompany a visit to Grimly’s.

Instead of an escape from danger, is heading right into its’ jaws. Not, of course, that Grimly is dangerous but then he’s not exactly pink and fluffy either. Unlike the kids in Narnia, this girl knows what she is being delivered to. Its not an unknown land of fantasy, its a place that has already been very much explored and continues to hold a lot of excitement and the thrill of adventure.

It would be nice actually to be evacuated there for some time, whilst things here continue without this girl’s intervention, but then when you have commitments you need to be responsible for them and so the thought of being able to do that is at the moment just a fantasy.

You can’t just upsticks with two bags, a gas mask and a label with your name on it hanging round your neck! Its not practical. Especially when there lacks the threat of imminent invasion. Not that it would be a good idea to wish for a fascist regime…though…with the SNP…who knows we could be heading that way anyway.

Its always good to dream though. This girl could pretend for a few days that there is a valid reason not to be here and of being sent away and ending up with an evil bastard with a dungeon in the middle of nowhere.

In fact…maybes…that can be managed soon 😉

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