Re. Breathing

Ok, so without stating the ridiculously obvious – this post features activities that require a great deal of care and attention, as of course do so many bdsm activities….

This girl loves breath play. The reason why is because it really is as though her life is in his hands, in a very explicit and direct way.

There are so many different ways breath play can be carried out,and really,as with lots of things a lot relies on imagination and tailoring it to your own individual fantasy. The pictures shown above just give a few samples…from left to right – anaesthesia mask with rebreather bag, poly bag, and anaesthesia mask plugged with his finger.

This girl wasn’t sure whether to post the middle picture, because she is not really a fan of plastic/poly bag breath play. In loads of peoples’ pictures it looks incredibly erotic and yet, for this girl, there is something not quite that comfortable about it. Ok, sure, for any type of ‘edge play’ its erotic for there to feel as though there is an element of risk whether that be real or self-imagined. The problem with it essentially is that there is not enough bondage, and not enough of his control, and ok, if this girl is honest, its a bit low tech for what she has become accustomed to!

There is an element within this girl that is a bit spoilt for being used to hi-tech invention and devious design. Its what she and Grimly do. Its not as though she’s trying to be snobbish about it on purpose, yet, sometimes low tech just isn’t the same as being subjected to his bizarre devices. Yeah, he’s created an addiction fueled monster! So, some people have addictions for alcohol or nicotine…this girl has one for inventions of erotic torture. We all have our sins!

This girl sinks her deepest into submission when his control is at its most obvious and its most regulated. If she feels as though he is controlling everything she is experiencing then that is when she is most likely to fly off into subspace and experience mind-blowing orgasms. Its just how it is.

Therefore, this girl’s favourite style of breath play is probably any that involves gas masks and rubber hoses whether it be then connected to a rebreather bag, or the oxygen regulator or bubbler bottle – it doesn’t matter – but its always at its most intense when it involves a gas mask combined with some invention of his.

Its partly the tight feeling around the face, that sort of hot and bothered feeling as the air is restricted, that makes all this so incredibly erotic. And yes, as some people have asked, through a gas mask is the easiest way of delivering a hit of poppers and he has a special bottle that can be connected ot the end of a rubber hose just for that. Using this sort of equipment, Grimly can control both how much air this girl can get and how it smells – whether its intoxicated or filled with fragrances – he can do what he likes. Luckily, so far, he’s not forced her to smell anything ‘bad’ …well ..apart from her own er…’excitement’. Which is, kind of humiliating.

There are times when this girl wonders whether she really wants to be controlled by someone so devious that can humiliate her and torment her just for his pleasure.

But then, he has a point when he tells her to stop being so ridiculous because she loves every moment of it!

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10 thoughts on “Re. Breathing

  1. i’m in two minds about breath play, i have to say…. there’s sort of exciting about being so controlled in that way, that your life depends upon it. A hell of a lot of trust is needed, thats for sure and there’s no doubt, you and Grimly certainly have that. 🙂

    btw you’ve been tagged! Come take a look at my place…

    t. x

  2. Fortunately, all of my experiences in breath control (rebreathing), have justified my trust in my partner. Still, you need to feel a certain urge of panic to enjoy the full effect.
    I have read you blog for years, and very much admire your willingness to experience all sensations and your enjoyment of most. I also admire your literary skills in writing so vividly about your many experiences.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. u look so sexy in latex and the anastia mask on your face i seen your profile in fetlife

  4. does anyone know of a fetish dentist with a gas machine . oh for the old days when you were given gas .

  5. Not a real dentist no, Grimly has an oxygen regulator so i guess thats not far removed from gas but not quite the same.

    I do think all dentist chairs should come with choice of straps or general anaesthetic lol.

  6. Thank you for your reply . Do you know of anybody that does a dentist scenario that i could visit . I have been looking for ages .

    Kind regards


  7. I don’t know where you are, but a lot of fetish clubs and professional dungeons now cater for medical fetish so i’m sure there won’t be something too far away !

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