Fully equipped dungeon for sale!

from the kinky classifieds…..via IC…

This girl found a complete dungeon for sale….here is what is on offer :-

Hand made table with cage beneath and anchorage points with cuffs in each corner.

Hand made stocks with moveable/removable shutters. This also has a ‘pony’ attachment.

Whipping bench with anchorage points and cuffs.

Wall mounted ‘rack’.

Wall mounted St. Andrew’s cross with anchorage points and cuffs.

Wall mounted beam with ‘J’ hook and counterweight.

Metal bucket with birch rod.

Briefs & Stockings.

Two wooden  stocks.

[on table]

1 black dildo.

1 pink dildo on pole.

1 black double ended dildo.

1 (non-working) pink vibe with black base.

Leather look paddle.

Leather look strap.

Leather look small black flogger.

Straight wooden stick.

Small metal anchorage bar.

Wooden paddle [on whipping bench]

[on wall rack L – R]

Coiled single tail whip.

2 lengths of chain.

1 each long & short metal hand/ankle cuffs.

1 ball gag.

1 black collar with ring.

1 pair joined black cuffs.

1 ball & chain with cuff.

1 black metal spreader bar with cuffs.

1 Dog collar & lead.

1 black crop.

1 red & black suede look flogger.

1 black leather look flogger.

1 red & black thin flogger.

1 black & white stick type cane.

1 crook handled cane.

1 coil of white rope.

1 skein of red rope.

1 skein of white rope.

This can all be yours for a complete bargain…..click more for the pictures. The craftmanship is easily as good as Grimly’s ……

It may be a little on the compact side….but you can’t have everything! The creator must have definately grown up watching blue peter…

Further details here. Auction ends tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Fully equipped dungeon for sale!

  1. A few comments about that. FIrst you never said it was a model, and it looked so real, that I was trying to figure out how much it would probably cost to ship it. Then I was trying to figure out how they coud take a picture of it like that. Then I clicked on the link and saw it was only 1:12 scale. You got me on that one LOL

    Then I thought, people have unusal hobbies, but crafting all of those small peckers and outfits is kind of an odd one! An interesting aside is with that ebid you can only bid on things from your country. I couldn’t register except for the American one, and you can not find that in a search unless you are registered as an adult.

    I think you should consider getting it for Grimly for a Christmas present. Although then he would want to wire it for electric stim!

  2. Sorry Tim , i’m a meanie! Maybe i should have saved this for april fools?

    I think its quite talented of the person being able to make everything so small and so detailed, I think they are hoping to make different versions in the future.

    Though, i gotta say…i prefer my toys to be lifesize lol


    TG xx

  3. oh no its not me that made this, just something I found.

    I’m useless at making toys regardless of size…Grimly on the other hand….

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