The Master Puppeteer

Sometimes the amount of control Grimly has over this girl when he has her in bondage makes her feel just like a puppet on a string ….

This Girl loves that.

She loves him doing very physical and evil things to her that remind her who is in control. What is wrong after all, with a graphical reminder every now and then? It is really quite hard to explain but there is something really amazing and erotic about feeling as though your body is at the complete mercy of a twisted madman that can do extremely crazy things to you at the same time as pushing all sorts of buttons in your head.

Thats what BDSM should sometimes be about though, in this girl’s opinion. The physical part of it anyway. It should sometimes feel that, sort of edgy and crazy and yet completely under control by the ever watchful dominant, because after all, BDSM requires utter vigilance and care. It is really only because this girl knows that Grimly is constantly keeping an eye on everything that she can relax and allow herself to be subjected to his depraved and sadistic intentions. She trusts him completely. She trusts him to notice and do something if things aren’t working, she trusts him to keep the pace just right, and she trusts him to read her body and work within his limitations. Sure, sometimes , things go wrong. But that’s life. But she knows that he is vigilant enough to notice and that no harm will ever come to her that he does not intend.

Of course, sometimes he intends a great deal of torment and suffering. Its what sadists do after all! Sometimes he’ll subject her body to predicaments that leave her with pins and needles and aches and little bits of pain shooting all over the place, and sometimes, the more he prolongs it the more erotic it becomes.

She is of course his puppet, his bondage toy, his doll, his slave and more besides and it is all a good deal of fun! But, with having the fun, and the eroticism, there is also a great deal of responsibility.

It can’t be easy being the sadist. Its not easy being the masochist either, but ultimately, as the masochist you either take it or scream and cry and beg for either more or less or everything. Though surely it must be harder to inflict than it is to suffer?

This girl always feels as though there is more skill involved in sadism and in dominance and more responsibility too. Its mostly up to him to watch how a scene goes, work it out, from start to finish – from designing and building the equipment to experimenting with it and carrying out his ideas and turning them from fantasies and dreams into things that actually happen. He has to plan all that, whilst she just has to suffer a little. Its not of course easy being a masochistic submissive, but sometimes it feels as though mostly she just needs to ‘turn up’ and he will engineer the rest and she will bend to that. Of course, she is not without her own ideas, her own suggestions, her own opinions…but she likes that most of the stuff that makes the fantasy happen comes from his mind, and from his hands.

This girl adores it that way.

She has always loved the fact that he takes control whether she wants him to not. Its like each BDSM interraction is like a little game of conquest, of demonstrating how things are meant to be.

He can of course have her however he wants quite easily, and seems to have so many ideas in his head (and hanging on the walls lol) that the options are endless. Its what makes going into the playroom each time intriguing, its a sort of feeling of what show will he put on this time, what will he do, how will it feel…will it make this girl melt into submission another inch further.

Thats the fun, and thats where his talent lies and its what keeps this girl hanging around for more! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Master Puppeteer

  1. A way to think of the role of the dominant in that case is like the conductor of an orchestra, or the director of a play. You organize, you arrange, and you lead the proceedings, but it is a live performance, and there are times when things do not always go as you envisioned them. Usually the audience does not know the exact show playing in your head, so missing a beat, blowing a line are things that only you as the person in charge know.

    It is also something that requires you to make adjustments as the “piece” goes on. Feedback and performance let you know when to push the pace, relax, tease etc.
    Think 1812 overture ( a real mind fuck to use BTW when attached to a sound activated variable control since it builds so well, and you know where it will be going!) A perfect scene would be the cannon explosions and the orgasms happening together

    Grimly may have other comments about what it is like from the Dom side, but it is the bringing together of so many elements to work to achieve the “performance” you envision that is the real joy of this from the “other side” And when there is the love between you as there so obviously is, it is the bringing you pleasure in perverse ways.

    Some say that real work is done by the dom as the sub just hangs there and takes it. But without a good “flautist” who knows how to blow an instrument, the conductor will be conducting with a limp “baton”

    Grimly you were right that is a very nice series of showing her moving deeper and deeper with the details. Ideas to consider as variations on the theme, are to set things up to start as a self-bondage while you watch and shoot her getting to the point of no return when she is totally helpless and at your mercy to then add additional layers. her being flirty and teasing while the process goes on can be fun for both of you.
    Another possible idea is to give a personality to the dehumanized features. That mask used in wrap is very imposing and must really be terrific feeling it put on(and being the one lacing it tight) The personality aspect is when you add a doll face or a smiling face to look back at you. Dressing in interesting clothes over the helpless body is something that is interesting overkill as well.

    It is a bit of Pagliacci with the duality of laughing on the outside, crying on the inside, and harkons back to the great work of Stanton and others who presented a totally different outside image that covered what was really happening underneath. Combined with electrical stims that totally control muscles to be not under a subs control (like trying to balance in ballet boots with thigh muscles messed up) really creates that puppet and strings concept.

  2. wow Tim, your reply is nearly as long as my blog lol 😉

    I like your conductor imagery, i kinda like playing his tune sometimes and yet, sometimes i’m not perfect. In fact, yeah, far from it!

    Self bondage/torture isn’t something i have done since i’ve been with Grimly…its not as much fun by far…adn well…i’m not allowed to do his job he would get cross!

    We’ve been looking into doll face masks but mostly they are very cheap and nasty looking or incredibly expensive…but hopeuflly sometime in the future. Today i just bought another gas mask….we have tooooo many!

    TG xx

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