A love for leather

This girl is *not* particularly a rope bondage lover.

That’s not to say of course there is anything wrong with rope, in fact by reading about people’s experiences of it and looking at pictures of it it is impossible to deny that it is very versatile to use and has the possibility of bringing a very erotic bondage element to BDSM.

And, there are so many erotic images out of there of girls (and boys too!) tightly,intricately and sadistically bound by it as a quick glance at sites such as Hogtied will establish.

Its just not something this girl and Grimly really use. The only picture of her tied in rope is the one from Nemesis of her on the wheel – although that was amazing – spinning about 360 degrees whilst being electrocuted – but that is the only rope picture she has.

Part of that is preference, but part of it is also the fact that most of the leather equipment has been made by him at some point or other and therefore has had a lot of effort,personal consideration and love put into its design and creation.

Leathercraft is something he really excels at. This girl tried it ,a few months ago, but she was useless. She couldn’t punch the holes straight, but then this girl is not really all that good at anything that is DIY related. Grimly is. He seems to be able to go from concept to design to actual item in a way that seems completely simple and yet, its not really. It requires  a lot of effort and patience and of course a steady hand.

This girl loves leather. She loves the smell of it, the feel of it. Leather can feel tight and restrictive whilst still feeling incredibly comfortable and that’s a good benefit to have for bondage. It needs to do the job and yet be comfortable or at least, comfortable until he chooses for it not to be. Which can of course, quite often happen. Grimly seems to have this penchant for this thing called ‘predicament bondage’ where he will put this girl in a certain position and just torment her and torment her until she is almost wanting to beg him for orgasm. Like below,and drool came later. Bloody ball gags!

But leather is very versatile, its easy to be put in and got out of and its just as visual as rope.

Really, it is just a matter of personal preference and it is just what this girl has got used to. Maybe in the future more might happen with rope, though its not really Grimly’s thing. He calls it- macrame for subbies. This girl had a sort of conversation the other day with him along the lines of what if she wanted to do something that was a limit for him? Or he wasn’t into? i.e. rope, needles, watersports. But really, she isn’t wanting any of those things.

Do doms have limits anyway? Limits feels like the wrong word, because it isn’t a matter of limits its a matter of preferred pratice really and that is all. If he doesn’t want to do something he won’t do it- and he says she’s a brat? lol

Its not an issue though, because this girl has not come across anything that she has really longed to try that he hasn’t been  up for, and likewise as well actually. It sort of helps to be on the same wavelength quite a lot there’s not really a need for compromise, there’s none of the ‘i’m not really into this but i’ll do it if it makes you happy’ and she doesn’t need to beg him to do things to her – unless she’s put in a position by him where she has to beg of course – and he doesn’t have to really try to encourage her to try things either.

There were times when he did need to encourage her. To build her confidence and to gain her trust, but that came quickly. This girl got to the point some time ago where she knows really what kind of things are possibly going to happen but she never really knows when or to what extent, or what sort of state she’ll be in after…but that is part of the fun. Knowing what he might do, knowing what he’s capable of doing….and wondering where it will all go each time.

And yes, she knows that 99% of the time when he takes her into the playroom he isn’t going to use rope and that it is going to be extreme bondage made up of a combination of his devious leather and metal creations and this girl is ok with that.

Its part of what attracted her to him in the first place. The sort of knowing that his bondage devices are all custom, all made to fit, all made to be inescapable, and given this girl has quite small wrists thats made things near on impossible even for her to escape.

Someone once had a bet with Grimly that they would be able to escape any bondage that he put them in.

Guess who won the bet? Not the escape artist.

In fact, maybe thats what makes bondage of any sort so erotic whether it be leather, chain or rope or a combination.The knowing that if you’ve been put in it securely, that you just can’t escape and just have to endure and enjoy every single thing that happens to you.

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4 thoughts on “A love for leather

  1. Grimly is right, it is macrame! Compliments! Unfortunately the pics in wikipedia didn’t really show the bondage related side of macrame at all. I am thinking of the myriad of flower pot hangers they make in no time in the Far East. TwoKnottyBoys have done their best to make these two forms of handicraft come closer to each other. A sub might find an owl on her back one day!

    Best wishes

  2. Awesome image! (as usual!). you may know how much i love any type of bondage and would have to say i love being held in leather, but not forgetting the chains and gags that accompany too! 😉

    pup x

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