The Quiet Man

The film, the Quiet Man, was on tv a few days ago.

This girl only caught the end of the film, but it is one she has seen countless times in the past. Its about fifty years old, and tells the story of a boxer (John Wayne) who moves to Ireland, falls for a local girl and about the relationship between them and between the two of them and her overbearing brother. John Wayne’s character gets the girl, and marries her, but what he doesn’t get is the family dowry. A dowry used to be something in the UK which was given by the bride’s family to the groom following a wedding as a sort of gesture, or sweetener. The idea is the husband gets everything the money, the woman’s goods, everything. Sort of like how some M/s relationships run maybe where the sub claims ‘my Master owns everything’. This girl doesn’t participate in *that* type of slavery, but some people seem to have this sort of fantasy…that once they are owned they don’t own anything themselves.

Anyway, in the film, the dowry is not paid. Shortly before this clip John Wayne drags his wife kicking and screaming to her brother’s cottage to demand the money. This clip picks up what happens – he gets the money but throws it in the fire because it doesn’t mean anything to him. Her value to him is not financial. The fight scene that follows is hilarious, but you kind of need to like old films to appreciate it.

Anyway, this girl herself was bought and paid for. Sort of. It wasn’t for as much, just a penny, as she’s written about before. This girl couldn’t throw that penny in the fire though. It means too much. Whilst it might not mean anything at all to anyone else, and just be loose change, to this girl and Grimly its a sort of symbol and token of his ownership of her.

Ownership has always been something this girl has craved, to feel as though she belongs to someone as their most cherished possession. With that though, she doesn’t give over rights to her own property or money. Some people might think that doesn’t make her a ‘true slave’ or what not, but its just not something that fits with how her relationship with her Dom works, and this girl has been left in financial yuckiness before because of a partner an she would not want to go down that route again. Grimly is good with money, and would be perfectly capable of managing both incomes but this girl needs to feel in control of this aspect of life, or at the very least jointly in control

There are some elements of the relationship that need to be run *together* There are times when control is incredibly erotic and centric to everything but there are also times when things need to be balanced and when it needs to be more of  a partnership.

This girl has said before that what she has with Grimly is quite a lot like an old fashioned style marriage than possibly what some people see as traditional D/s but it works. Yes, he is a quiet man really. Laidback, relaxed and able to let things just take their own pace…apart from when he needs to take control and torment her 😉

One of the things this girl loves about Grimly is she knows that he will speak up to support her and protect her when he needs to and that she has his suport in everything just as he has hers.

Sadistic gits generally are relatively quiet when they need to be, its just the masochists that are left to scream 😉

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5 thoughts on “The Quiet Man

  1. I own nothing that is mine anymore and it’s not a fantasy, but a fact about my life. The house is in his name, the car is in his name, the bills are in his name, and I don’t work (he supports me) so I don’t even have an income that I could claim is mine. Sometimes the “fantasy” is actually reality.


  2. I think you invested wisely with that penny. You actually get some good payback since he buys most of the equipment, and does not charge you for his time and labor to make toys to be used on you, and I bet he does not charge you a fee for all the electricity you use when you are all wired up! LOL

  3. Rose, not saying there aren’t people that live like that, if it works for you great I just meant it couldn’t for US because its not something either of us want. Maybe ‘fantasy’ was the wrong word to use, but thats the point I was trying to make.

    Tim,nooo he gave the penny to me and I cherish it. I buy my fair share of equipment every now and then, sure he makes a lot (which saves a lot of money!) but he gets my body and mind to torment in exchange for that! Its a fair deal I think.

    Thanks for the comments.

    TG xx

  4. It is a deal that most of us would enjoy having. You two are special!

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