It needn’t be a pain in the bum…

well not if you’re a little prepared….here’s a new toy this girl got recently – an inflatable enema plug:

This girl had wondered what this little bit of equipment was like for a while, and so, without telling Grimly she went and bought one as a suprise for him, a sort of subtle way of saying ‘oh for fucks sake will you just take me up the ass already!!!!’. Ok, yeah. Not so subtle maybe.

Now, being the submissive maybe its not such a good idea to drop subtle hints, after all like anything he’ll do it when he wants to. But really, thats not the daftest thing. The daftest thing is of course – why oh why does this girl keep encouraging him to do things that will torment and humiliate her? Its sort of exciting and erotic when she’s thinking about the possiblities, and yet, here again we have a toy that once she’s strapped down this girl is left thinking ‘oh my why on earth did i encourage him to do this??’. Hmm. The answer is probably quite easy because being a masochist and a nymphomaniac explains a multitude of sins.

So this girl likes anal quite a lot, but she likes to be clean about it. Maybe that takes a bit of that sort of humiliation of ‘wondering’ whether it will be ok out of anal play sometimes, but, this girl just feels more comfortable if she knows its going to be OK. Plus, enemas are actually very erotic, and just as humiliating in their own way.

Enemas are one of these things that a few years ago this girl would not have thought she would be into. But, its actually really quite kinky and a turn on. Maybe its the taboo, maybe its the fact thats its just another way of Grimly taking control of this girl’s body and doing what he wants with it and preparing it for further torture. The humiliating bit is not the rigging up of it though, its the after. Its the sort of rush to the loo to get it out lol.

The previous contraption made that quite difficult, because the nozel didn’t stay in unless it was tied to something or he was holding it and could slip out very easily. Not so with this new device because its more of a plug. It won’t let anything out until you want it to, and then , at the same time as allowing the enema it also allows a little stretching too. Its nice to have things that are multi-functional. Though an electrical one would be even better 😉

The way the plug works is that it has a pipe running through the middle so the water can flow through it, and then you can pump the plug up to make sure nothing falls out.

It was actually quite relaxing as enemas go because this girl felt more confident about being able to hold it on, and not wary of ‘accidents’. She hasn’t had an enema accident as yet and is not wanting one!

Though to be quite honest with you, when you need the toilet and have a bowel full of water it is very frustrating to be strapped down and zipped up in latex and ballet boots!

You really don’t want to picture how this girl got from the position in the picture to the toilet. Or maybe you do. Pervert! It wasn’t that easy, but she managed somehow.

If you like this type of play, this sort of plug is definately worth investing in, all the main kink suppliers seem to do them.

Its fun, its a little humiliating, its very erotic.

The worrying thing is though, Grimly says it needs further modifications. This is aside from that shiny hose he attached to it.

God knows what he has in mind!

Oh well nothing wrong with being subjected to a little anal torture and ordeal, and maybe one of these days he’ll fuck her ass himself. Though, its partly a mind game that he’s not…leaving her wondering whether each time he does things that at hint at that route whether it’ll happen …. or not.


But you know what? She doesn’t call him a bastard when she’s in this position…nope…she is totally silent. There are some positions that you know are just bad for inciting sadism.

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One thought on “It needn’t be a pain in the bum…

  1. How much water went in?? Looks like fun indeed!! 🙂 More planned???

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