If this comes across as a bit of a rant and a bit of a muddle this girl is missing Grimly so there!

Its one of those things that always bugs this girl – that in a world where people are supposed to be openminded with one another and accepting of each other (whilst not necessarily being in agreement) – there are those that will make others feel bad for not conforming to what they think is right.

Your choice of words, and grammar, and your style is the simplest thing for someone else to have a pop at you over, and seems to happen far too often. Its not big and its not clever to make fun of someone for not being as intelligent as what you perceive yourself to be. There may be reasons why someone expresses themselves in a certain manner not least of all that it might be what their dominant half requires. 

There are whole groups on fetlife dedicated to grammar policing such as people for the ethical treatment of pronounswhich is full of people harping on about how things should be written and how they shouldn’t. However, their own profiles are far from being grammatically perfect or works of literature in some cases. Funny old thing! Surely this girl can’t be the only one who thinks this sort of group is ridiculous on a site that is about trying to have a community feel to kink? Ok so the site creators have nothing to do with what groups exist…if they did…would they really encourage a group for ‘forced cheeseburger’ is this girl the only one who is wondering what the heck is this??  Is it like forcing your subbie to have a burger from Macdonalds when they really prefer Burger King? Should someone wish to explain this fetish properly, feel free! 😉

We don’t all have the same education or grasp of language. If we did we would have all written best sellers and reading something good  would stop being a pleasure because it wouldn’t be anything that special if we could all produce writings that publishers would go crazy about. Writing things on the internet though is within the capability of most people and just takes a little time and effort and effort is worth as much as ability. This girl tries to put a lot of effort into what she writes, but she knows that what she writes is far from being the best out there. It just is what it is. Grammar wise, yeah, its not perfect, and there are people out there who would castigate this girl for how she writes not least for the whole third person thing.

This girl has written about her style a few times before, and really all that needs to be said on it is that its how her Dom likes her to write, and is directly from her head and from her heart. This girl tries to write as if she’s talking to him but with a little editing to try and make some attempts at not putting her mouth completely in it as she so often does!

Its not just style that people have a go at though. It can often be the choice of what words themselves are used. Like slave and like torture just for starters. Most words we use in BDSM mean something to us so different to what they might have meant originality that its a bit odd, but, its how things are. Most bits of BDSM not least of all how its described has sort of been adapted and modified from other dark things to be something that is kinky, and somehow ‘safe’.

But is it?

This girl has giggles sometimes about the ‘fluffy bunny’ version of BDSM. Sort of subbies that are into having everything pink, and kittens and butterflies adorning their profiles. If it works for them, and their Masters, great, but, somehow it sort of contradicts in a rather amusing way the sort of more common visualisations of BDSM. 

BDSM isn’t pink and fluffy. Its dark, its depraved, its sexy, its bad and its a bit twisted. Yes, with the right partner its loving, amazing,romantic,fantastical and sensual too. Its all of these things.

This girl though doesn’t pretend her BDSM is pink and fluffy. Its not, well not really. There are times when her Dom is the most evil bastard on the planet, but yeah, sure , there are also times when he is so romantic and caring and makes her feel like a million dollars. This girl would not give up those times for anything. But then she wouldn’t give up being his slave either. Some people don’t agree with the terminology of slave, but to this girl it is the easiest word to express what she is. His. His property, his toy, his victim, his project, his lover and not least of all of course his friend. Maybe these things aren’t traditionally on a par with what slavery was once about because it has the good bits too.

But yeah, there are words this girl uses that may not sit comfortably with everyone, or not necessarily mean the same thing to them. Thats the fun of language though, sort of using it to try and express yourself, and hope that at least one other person understands and makes sense of it all!

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6 thoughts on “Words

  1. OH DEAR – I am a Fluffy Bunny!!!! LMAO… This reminds me of my Dom telling me “NO PINK”……when I was starting to shop around for motorcycle boots… but I am very sure He was happily relieved for me to show up in black leather, lace up, steel toed Harley Davidson boots…. But I do agree – no fluff and pink when it comes to BDSM – no pink collar, no pink toys, no fluffy anything – harsh, sinister and ooooooh so dark and wonderfully, erotically terrifying pleasure… and I know it’s late – but I missed out on the grammar – did someone say something to you about grammar? I have always enjoyed your style of writing – don’t understand if someone did complain- if they didn’t like it they don’t have to read it- correct? or am I on the wrong track – it’s after Midnight on a work night – so sorry… kind of sleepy rambling… 🙂

  2. hehe baby I think a little pink is OKAY its just when people go overkill it makes me laugh 🙂

    nooo no one had a go at me…its just general thoughts from what i’ve seen elsewhere that have got me irritated that and being back to work today and away from him after an amazing weekend!

    *hugs* TG xxx

  3. girl,
    Fluffy bunnies should be right up there with the furries who don’t actually do bondage, but their role playing animal does! Maybe once you and Grimly are back in the same place you can do your own versions of COSPLAY (did you ever explain why there is a separation period now? I think you had said it was work related)
    I like public bondage ideas where you can look fairly normal, but buried layers make crossing the mall or even the street a challenge. I would think the sense of all eyes on you, even if they were not focused on you overtly( Like in a hobble skirt with 6 inch heels) but would turn and get enough stares(and still be legal. Or even in an(pink?) overcoat with Grimly zapping you by ringing your phone/ vibrator combo

    Or if you really want to be screwin with your head, think about how you were dressed for the wooden pony but had a bunny outfit complete with carrot, or a life like mask over a gagged hood Pink on top and black and blue underneath!

  4. thanks for your comment Tim, as much as i’m into humiliation i don’t have a bugs bunny fetish lol


    TG x

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