Hooded headtrips

This girl found an article recently, which expresses her views on hoods pretty well. Its here

The points it makes are centered on the notion really that the hood achieves the effect of separating the head from the body :

The attractions and advantages of hooding in Erotic Bondage games and ‘Scenes’ fall into two main categories
1. The visual effect:
a)They can look very dramatic and
b) remove the identifiable appearance of the wearer
2. The psychological effect:
a) Act as a release for a self-conscious ‘victim’,
b) Release the person outside from inhibitions caused by familiarity with (or fear of) the hooded person
c) Free both parties to fantasise that they are dealing with someone quite different. (However, at the same time, it is important that when hooding someone this does not seem to indicating that you don’t like the look of the person you’re with).

This girl agrees with most of the article and a lot of it is very interesting, so please take a look.

For this girl, hoods are an odd thing. She’s written before about how she met Grimly she had a bit of a phobia of them. She believed the bit referred to there that suggested it was impersonal, she thought they were associated with the sterotypical gimp, and she did not see the attraction. How wrong she was!

This girl now finds them an essential tool in aiding her enjoyment of masochism. This girl can enjoy pain and stimulation more sometimes if she can’t see whats happening. She gets too interested during play because she’s always wondering what he’s going to do next, how she will react to it, she gets too curious and sometimes that stops her being able to get spacy, to relax into it, and can have the detrimental effect of making her anxious instead of letting him just get on with it.

Hoods and masks stop that. Its so easy for her to drift off. She has no other option about from to go wherever it is he wants to take her via the sensations he is inflicting on her body and it makes it all very trippy and dreamlike.  This girl remembers one of the very first times she wore a hood. He had her in some sort of bondage arrangement and was tormenting her, and she could see just a tiny little bit through the nose holes and was facing a mirror, and so she could get just odd glimpses of the things that were happening to her own body, but not enough to see it all – it was very weird and yet such a turn on.

This girl loves hoods now, and, she completely agrees with the point that the in some ways seperate your mind from your body, and yet, at the same time, mean that you are isolated in your own little world of torment, torture, pleasure and orgasm. Yum!

But you know what? They don’t take away the personal connection you would get from playing face to face. Not when you are playing with someone you know anyway. In fact this girl feels with Grimly, if anything, it can sometimes intensify the experience. He still knows its her. He still knows that it’s his girl’s body that he’s in control of, and it reiterates the fact that she *is* his bondage toy completely and utterly.

So its not impersonal. Its part of a very personal two way fantasy, and it helps her get into that even deeper.

Ok, so its more interesting when the hoods are maybe replaced with other things that are more intricate and do a similar job – like gasmasks, and the video and sensory deprivation masks. This girl loves sensory deprivation because it helps everything else become more noticeable and more intense and any sort of hood or mask or head fucking device will help that!

This girl got a new hood recently. The one shown in the picture. Its leather, and is sort of almost two hoods in one  – a sort of normal looking one and then an outer layer that zips up. Its pretty different to the others in that respect, because although its leather, its very difficult to breathe through which makes it rather interesting. Ok, so in a way its a fancy way of having your head in a very restrictive bag, only the bondage is tighter and the feeling so much more erotic than putting your head in a bag would be. Because its so tight, every breath sucks it closer against the face, the simple act of breathing makes it get very warm, almost a little suffocating and yet not, because there is just about enough air getting through the zip.

So in there, you’ve got this girl, getting incredibly turned on, getting a little blissed out, and a little freaked out as her breathing gets hotter and faster and there on the outside, tormenting her nipples and doing other despicable things to her body that you don’t need to know about – is Grimly. It definitely is fun being his torture toy and she wouldn’t swop places with anyone for that.

6 thoughts on “Hooded headtrips

  1. as a mask fetishest i totaly agree with your blog, it ads another dimension to the bdsm between sub and Dom. would be cool to find more of the unusual masks , like you i am alwats looking for the more special hoods. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep on surprising us

  2. I was very nervous when Master Anakin suggested buying our hood. We got mine from JT’s stockroom. It’s great because the mouth part comes apart and the blindfold part too so you can pick and chose for the hood. I was so nervous the first time I wore it but I love how it puts me into subspace very fast wearing it. I love the helpless feeling of not being able to see or even hear very well so I don’t know what’s coming.
    Love your pic!

  3. dutchbloke, i dont think i could ever have enough hoods and masks now! always collecting more!

    padme, thanks for your comments i agree it aids a very fast journey into subspace !

    🙂 xx

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