Orgasm Rights?

Note for Grimly…it’s probably best if you DON’T read this..its very incriminating and you’ll take mental notes and use it against this poor girl 😉

The rest of you… on


Always an interesting topic 🙂

There’s a conversation on this thread on fetlife which started as this :-

why is it that alot of sceneing with a female sub has to end with her having an orgasm??
It seems alot of male Doms always take it there and im just wondering? Do they think that she is not happy with the rest and has to have an orgasm?

The thread sort of drifted towards a few people saying no, an orgasm isn’t necessary, or even expected…gosh almost as though its a bad thing to want one and that it should be enough to just be happy with the contented feeling that comes with doing what *he* wants and if he is kind enough to give one, well, great.

Well, this girl needs orgasms. Its fundamental!

Ok sure, its not necessary for *every* scene, or every day even, but its good to have them, and is a huge part of the attraction of the whole thing. As Kaya said :-

I dunno about the rest of you but the whole damn reason I was drawn to s&m in the first place is because it turns me on. The whole reason He’s drawn to s&m is because it turns HIM on. At some point in the s&m scene we fuck. We both orgasm. Generally after the orgasm(s), we’re done playing cuz we’re not turned on anymore. Cuz we orgasmed.

This girl couldn’t agree more. BDSM is kinky, its a turn on, its a huge part of her sexuality…so, why wouldn’t she want to orgasm from that? It doesn’t necessarily have to be an orgasm from penetrative sex of course..the orgasm could be from the play itself, from pain, from anything and even just from his voice.

This girl is lucky in the orgasm department.

Her Master gets off on giving her them, he controls them to the nth degree controlling how they’re given when and where, and its a pivotal part of how her D/s with him works. His control of her started getting fun when it became sexual in it’s nature , and it remains a huge part of the draw towards wanting ‘this’.

In case you’re new here, this girl can only orgasm from Grimly saying a certain word – ‘slave’ or clicking his fingers. You may or may not believe in this type of orgasm control, brought about in part by hypnosis, part by an extremely intense session of electrotherapy and stimulation and part by her wanting it. Oh yeah, deep down this girl wants to be controlled, sexually, mentally and physcially in all manner of ways.

Before it happened to her, she would not really have believed that it is possible to make someone orgasm by commanding it without there necessarily being enough physical stimulation present, indeed, she had always found it hard to orgasm in the past particularly from penetrative sex. Unfortunately thats how it is for some women. However, somehow or other Grimly planted the idea in her mind and made it happen. Oh sure he’s a brainwashing bastard, he always has been and she loves it!

He brought this state of affairs about BEFORE the first time he fucked her, so no wonder the first time he made her orgasm from sex was so amazing, because quite often the first fuck you have with someone new is incredibly fumbled and in some cases naff and unsatisfying. So, for him to do that to her after a really intense play session was the best ever, and there was no going back from that. In fact, this girl is glad that he became able to control her orgasms prior to that first fuck…it made it so much more special.

Grimly continues to be able to give this girl an orgasm whenever he wants. During sex, during play, over the phone. Anytime. Thats the important bit, its when he wants. Luckily, that mostly coincides when she wants them too, but it also means that he can use orgasm as a torture as well as a pleasure and reward. Sometimes, she conveniently forgets that its when he wants and tries to encourage more, and if he gives in to that they are never as good. The reason why her orgasms are so strong and powerful is because they reinforce sexual control, so it doesn’t work as good when that’s not present and clearly defined and demonstrated. Fuck he will remind her several times she wrote this! Oh well!

It means so much to this girl, because it means this element of control shows that he is totally and completely in her head, pushing buttons, doing things. It makes her feel a little vulnerable and controlled but it is incredibly erotic and fascinating, and it makes her feel smug that she has a Dom that can do this 😉

That doesn’t mean to say that she necessarily feels she has a right to orgasm. Far from it, the rights to her orgasms are clearly his property and defined as such by the fact that she physically cannot have one without his trigger. Sometimes she wonders whether she would like to go back to just having them when she’s aroused enough…but no. There’s no going back from this.

This girl worries about what would happen if anything happens to Grimly…how would she ever orgasm again? Or would the belief in his control go when he does? She is hoping its a long long time indeed before she has to worry about that one!

The best orgasms happen when its during intense play, usually involving bondage, electrics, vibrators and sensory deprivation in various forms. Imagine this girl strapped into the dentist chair, her nipples and her bum and her cunt all electrocuted, her clit vibrated, her face in some sort of bizarre gas mask or hood and being tormented until she is screaming for him to allow her to climax. Yep, she’s a lucky girl!

Its because of this that she will sometimes feel guilty that she isn’t the best sub that she can be for him, but you know, she’s still improving, still learning, still trying to clarify her thoughts on all this sometimes. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Perfect for him ? Well Grimly is definately perfect for this girl even though, in fact, especially though, he’s a controlling, brainwashing, sadistic little git.

This girl is incredibly lucky that she has a Dom that has power over her orgasms, and who likes using it. She is hoping that he keeps enjoying watching her tortured orgasms! She always gets a little concerned when his thoughts drift towards chastity. Its not necessarily because she hates the concept. Its because its another form of sexual control, which as you can see, is something this girl find’s incredibly erotic and vital to her D/s. What alarms her most about the concept of chastity is how on earth would she concentrate on anything as mundane as say work, if she was in a permanent state of sexual control and bondage???

Its a scary thought! But one that will be his right to enforce some time in the future.

Arrghh. Time for some nightmares.

Maybe some of those girls that aren’t ‘bothered’ about orgasms during sex don’t have Doms that are as talented when it comes to sexual control of the mind.

This girl saw this and thought of those poor women :

To redeem… print off and deliver in person to Mr Grimly Feendish…or try…if you can get past the neon signs that surround his house from a fifty mile radius saying ‘don’t even think about it he’s taken’ 😉

4 thoughts on “Orgasm Rights?

  1. not to mention the electric fence, the razor wire, the mine field, the rabid starving dogs and the moat full of piranha fish. You get the feeling this girl might be a bit possessive?
    I look forward to redeeming your coupons if you get here 🙂

  2. lol……

    Torture Clinic
    A remote and far flung corner of Scotland
    From which you can see the edge of nowhere
    At the end of one of the worst fucking roads in the country


    though seriously….if you and your other half fancy it…well you only have to ask and we can find out if its possible to get you past the mine field and rabid dogs. lol.

    TG Xx

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