Raising the bar

picture – spreader bar with a difference part 1

Sometimes this girl wonders whether there will ever be a point where it is difficult to ‘keep up’ with things and to continue improving, for her and Grimly to keep coming up with new ideas, inventions and experiences to try out and to share. After all, there are only going to be an infinite number of possibilities of what can happen in the spare room in a terraced house in the middle of nowhere!

Though as yet, it has not yet been established what sort of number infinite might be close to – its definately over a few thousand anyway based on how many bits of fetish & BDSM paraphernalia Grimly has made which adorn every spare inch of wall and that spill out of the cupboards and drawers. Does anyone want to buy this girl and Grimly a castle? Or a mansion? Or an island with a castle on it, so that more space can be devoted to this past-time? No, thought not, therefore a habit of fetish recycling will need to continue. That happens quite a lot, old toys being made into new ones, ripped apart , modified, made into something else totally different.

It makes life interesting. There are of course ‘toys’ that stay, things that are much loved and cherished, and others that are ongoing projects and continuously being developed such as the dentist chair, but even that may ultimately get a complete revamp. Things with Grimly are never boring.

So far any thoughts that either this girl or Grimly will run out of ideas are only passing ones, because there always does seem to be other things out there or things that can be done to improve the existing set up.

Given the quality of the things he makes, even sometimes the simplest little things amaze this girl, partly because of the effect they have her but also because there is absolutely no way she could turn her hand to this kind of thing herself. She cannot create. She wishes that she could, but as far as anything that involves tools is related – she is rubbish!

Take the device shown in the picture for instance, a variation on the very very simple concept of a spreader bar. The main difference is that as well as straps for the ankles, there are also straps for the wrists on the same bar. This means that if you are standing up you are in a sort of almost ‘touching toes’ position, or if you are lying down…then…you are kind of left in this pretty vulnerable position here, shown with a head harness he made and leather two toned collar.

The idea of a bar with a few cuffs on it, is pretty simple really, and far far from rocket science and a long way even from being one of his most technical creations but it does the exact job it was meant to do whilst looking funky.

It just goes to show that ‘low-tech’ rules sometimes. Not always, not when you have a Dom like this one,but yes, sometimes a simple bit of bondage is enough to leave this girl feeling a little humiliated,exposed, vulnerable, and completely at his mercy. Apart from that, it just happens to be a handy fucking position as the angle is ‘just right’ 😉

There is probably someone out there who knows exactly what the right angle is for sex, combining position of cunt with length and angle of cock and maybe somewhere out there, there might exist a mathematical formula for that. Who really gives  a shit though about maths! This girl can remember in maths the teacher saying that ‘algebra will be useful to you one day, and so will trigonometry’. Not really, this girl hasn’t once used a simultaneous linear equation since she did her exams, and certainly, its not maths that enables Grimly to come up with his inventions. He doesn’t use maths and formulas and instructions to come up with stuff – he doesn’t need to. He seems to have an eye for making things look amazing and be functional without being so mundane as to use devices used for torturing students in the process.

If this girl tried to make something, she would try and follow instructions to the letter, as if she was following a cooking recipe. Grimly doesn’t do that, somehow the ideas in his head just materialise after a little hard work in the shed and the fact that he has this extremely devious engineering ability always continues to amaze this girl.

The shed has been neglected a little lately, in favour of a motoring project he has on the go, but maybe this little blog will encourage him to stop tinkering with old german cars and get back to making torture equipment!

So yeah Grimly, as much as this girl loves you….

get back in the shed! Or….



* you might guess from the picture , or if you are a regular reader here that any threats are pointless and completely futile…but…its worth a chance…gotta love a chancer…right??

6 thoughts on “Raising the bar

  1. ” maybe this little blog will encourage him to stop tinkering with old german cars and get back to making torture equipment!”

    From what you;ve said about him, it sounds more likely that he will find a way of making old German cars into torture equipment.

  2. you could well be right…certainly the windscreen wiper motor has already been earmarked from his old car… 😉

  3. Oh my now I cant wait to find out what the windscreen wiper will be turned into…. oh duh… I read that wrong….its the motor… damn…

    I had visions of the wiper thingy doing something really tricky… (cut it in half, leave the motor in and….??)Yet I am SURE as Grimly is SO amazing that now I have set the challenge it may encourage Him back in the shed!

    (eh? wink wink thisgirl??)

    Wish I had some of thaaaaatttt stuff!



  4. hehehe well the last fuck machine he made was from a triump spitifires wiper motor imagine what a porsche one will do lol. 😉

  5. Would be interesting to see what Grimly could devise with a WANKEL!
    Hey I don’t think I have ever seen a spanking machine that works like a wiper blade,sweeping past exposed cheeks.

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