Getting into Grimly’s trousers…

It is far far easier to find fetish clothes for women than it is for men. At least, it is here. The choice is really various combinations of leather, latex and pvc and the styles aren’t that varied unless you start spending a lot of money. There is more variety for dressing up if you are a girl than if you’re a guy, unless of course you’re a guy wanting to look like a girl.

Though of course it all depends what it is that you are into exactly. Fetish dressing does not necessarily go in hand in hand with BDSM or D/s, its sort of like one of those optional extras.

In the relationship this girl has with Grimly she’s the one that is the one that gets dressed up the most (or undressed the most too lol) in a varierty of skirts, dresses,catsuits and corsets of leather, latex and all manner of things. Whereas his choices of outfits during play are less varied. Its just how things are. In a way its part of the D/s in that she’s his dressing up toy.

When this girl first got into BDSM, she didn’t really think of fetishwear as something essential to a scene – and it isn’t even now though sometimes it is a component part. The first fetish outfit this girl had bought for her was a corset and collar which wasn’t for play but for a fetishclub. Whilst this girl cannot comment on what fetish clubs require in countries outside of the UK, a lot of them here have some sort of dress code which in some cases makes fetishwear as good as compulsory. This issue has already been bandied about so many times that its possibly futile to go over the disadvantages and advantages of this again as this girl can see both sides. From one point, turning up somewhere looking kinky might show you are ‘genuine’ but then again, not everyone that has masochist or sadistic tendencies is necessarily going to like latex or leather and may feel ridiculous dressing up in such. For this reason, a lot of clubs here do allow smart black also.

This girl got to like the dressing up though. Its a while since she’s been to a club, but dressing up is definately one of the most exciting parts of it. Its a chance to let the exhibitionist out – show off, look good, get compliments. Its good fun, and so because of this her first few outfits were bought with the intention of dressing her up ‘to look the part’ as it were, but weren’t necessarily clothes for play.

The first outfit this girl bought particularly for playing with Grimly was rubber, a red skirt and top combination (will try and get pictures of it soon as there aren’t any decent ones) knowing that he liked latex she bought it to please him and look hot. Funnily enough, the first weekend she wore the weekend was the weekend she first had sex with him. Coincidence? It probably is actually, given that the reason she bought the outfit was similar to the reason the sex happened, she was starting to feel as though she was HIS slave, as opposed to her ex’s, in more ways than one.

Since that, outfits feature in play quite often, if you read here often you’ll have seen some of the pictures or a quick look at the gallery will show that. Its fun to dress up for torture and fantasy, its part of it sometimes, to get into the headspace to explore it all. Mostly though, it feels good to look good for him, to look like what he wants. Though of course the outfits feel sexy for their own sake too.

So, this girl enjoys the dressing up.

Grimly dresses up less often, though he has in his own way a sort of uniform. Its maybe wrong to call it that, but it is.

Maybe it is a bit stereotypical to think of male doms in leather but sometimes its what he is. Not because he’s trying to ‘look like a Dom’ just because its what he likes and what he feels comfortable in, and, also, to a big extent what turns this girl on too. He doesn’t wear a leather waistcoast, or a belt with a flogger dangling from it – its just the trousers. He does own a leather waistcoat though, for a joke, or so he says, which came from Oxfam. This girl thankfully has never seen him wear it!

Grimly wore leather before he knew he was into BDSM because before he was into this he was into motorbikes and it was for comfort. That hasn’t changed – he wears what he is comfortable in.

The first time this girl met Grimly he was wearing a leather trousers and jacket. It made him instantly identifiable in a room full of people, and yet, that very first time she hid for him for over an hour! Nerves! Though really, deep down there was nothing to worry about everything panned out ok. Obviously!

Maybe its because the first photo she saw of him, and the first encounter with Grimly was of him dressed this way that its just how this girl pictures him when she thinks of him in a sexual and BDSM context the easiest. Its a sort of mental association. When he’s dressed that way she knows that devious business is normally on the cards whether it be going somewhere or doing wicked things at home. Its not what he always wears of course, sometimes he’ll wear other things, but mostly its the leather.

If you want to call it a dom uniform, then maybe it is to a certain extent, and yet, its not, its just him, its part of how he presents himself when ‘he does what he does’ and apart from anything else it makes his bum look rather nice (of course this girl being able to see it means that he has his back to her….big mistake!)

This girl quite likes his leather trousers, even though they might make him look like some sort of stereotype or motorcyclist they are rather nice, and rather Grimly, and after all…just packaging 😉 And yes…he is most definately Grimly when they are off as well!

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