Sensory overload

There’s always so much going on when this girl plays with Grimly because what happens is nearly always closer to sensory overload than sensory deprivation.

There are so many things for the mind and body to think about that quite often it can be extremely confusing for this girl to work out where her mind should be centered. Of course, sensory deprivation often features in play too…when he will restrict what this girl is feeling or sensing by bondage, blindfolds, sound and all manner of other things. Its not uncommon either for him to flick between deprivation and overload either.

The confusion this girl experiences when it gets to being ‘sensory overload’ is possibly part of the feeling known by so many people as ‘subspace’ to feel completely out of control, out of her own body, drifting away somewhere else who knows where into a zone where it feels as though most physical things are possible and things that would sometimes hurt become endurable. Her mind totally loses ability to be able to keep track of what her body is experiencing, and if there is any focus whatsoever it is on the person who is inflicting the pain and enhancing the pleasure. It is focussed on the person who is in control, and really this is the one main reason why this girl could never be with a dom that lacked charisma and imagination, because thats part of what makes it work. Its why she’s with Grimly. Well that ability and the not insignificant little detail of being completely head over heels in love with him.

To achieve this kind of orgasmically endorphin rushed feeling is one of the main attractions of BDSM, or at least for this girl. Some people might take drugs, or get blindingly drunk, or have addictions of caffeine, nicotine or any combination of these…this is her addiction and he feeds it by his ability to keep her interested and his ability to keep her imagination and her senses completely alive.

There is quite a lot of skill involved in this, being able to read what she wants and what she needs and combining with that his own devious desires and persuasions. This is not something that evolved over night. Ok ok he has always been good at what he does, at his ability to read her and his ability to come up with new ideas and devices, but this kind of stuff only evolves when you really get to know somebody and Grimly knows absolutely how to work and control and stimulate his girl to maximum effect. It takes time, and effort, communication, and yes a certain element of trial and error.

So what he has achieved is an ability to multi-task. To be able to do more than one thing at once,and keep it completely smooth and flowing as if it had been choreographed. Of course it hasn’t been all that pre-planned, although he might not freely admit it to everyone he will quite often ‘make it up as he goes along’ adding something here and there, taking something else away. It will possibly start off with a rough idea of where things will go and then will just end up wherever he decides best and quite often this girl reckons will be based on his own adrenaline and reaction to things as well as hers.

Despite all this, he keeps himself controlled as well as her. There probably are doms that get extremely turned on during play and can’t stop themselves wanting to stick their cock somewhere..but with Grimly its rare for him to turn to that during torturing and tormenting her. Because of this, because it doesn’t happen all the time it is extremely erotic when it does and keeps things interesting as she never really knows what is going to happen to her. Sometimes she wants to know, she’d like a little warning, but then it would spoil the anticipation and the feeling of vulnerability and lack of control of her circumstances and surroundings. Another of those things that she thinks she wants but doesn’t!

Sometimes she feels as though what he gets out of BDSM is on a higher level because its much more cerebral than physical. She feels as though her drive is ‘mostly’ physical, endorphin and orgasm driven, whereas his stimulation is based mostly on the control and the kick of sadism. Though really it does play with her mind as well, always. Oh its just sometimes she feels as though she is some sort of animal, some creature of his, his pet, and he’s the keeper, tamer and owner. This girl is not complaining at that. Its fun sometimes to be out of control, and there is more to her role than being meat. There is stuff going on in her head as well as her body, but just half the time he’s played about with her mind so much she doesn’t really always know what that is! Sensory overload has a lot to answer for and so does Mr Feendish!

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