Daddy’s little girl

This post was prompted by the fact that today this girl had the LONGEST telephone conversation she has had with her Dad in years.

Dads can be like that . You phone and its ‘here wait while i get your mum’, there’s something about some dads that they just seem ‘allergic’ to the phone. So, it was a bit of a shock when he actually held a conversation. It was nice though. Sometimes this girl feels guilty, because at present she lives approximately 200 miles north of her family and 200 miles south of Grimly, so obviously her heart (and most of the devious parts of her body) lead her towards him instead of southwards home.

Its bad really but its how it is.

This girl’s dad played some part (of course unknowingly) in getting her to be who she is. Parents do that, their influences and experiences rub off on you. To make this crystal clear, this girl doesn’t mean there was any abuse or anything like that involved, far from it. This girl’s father was someone who when she was little encouraged her imagination. He was the type of child that had adventures, he lived very close to the grounds of a Castle and so got up to all sorts, and whilst this girl couldn’t do a lot of the things he might once have done his love of things historic and medieval rubbed off on her. He likes torture chambers too but from a historic point of view, not a sexual one (at least this girl hopes thats correct). Like Grimly, he’s also one of these men that doesn’t act his age and refuses to grow up.

This girl would NEVER call Grimly ‘Daddy’.

She has never been into age play, aside from the occasional school girl role play and the like (but even then she has not done that with him). This girl gets quite interested reading about it, seeing examples of how it can work for people, especially for people that seem mentally well balanced (because she’s come across a few age players who don’t appear to be) and there does seem to be something fun and kinky yet innocent about it sometimes.

But she still would never do it with him.

Grimly is old enough (he wont like this girl saying this), just about, for such a dynamic to be believable, but it is not something that would ever be considered. Apart from anything else it just doesn’t appeal, and wouldn’t fit with how the rest of the D/s and bdsm elements of this girl’s relationship with him work. It would be too contradictory. This girl’s relationship with Grimly is one involving torture and control, and lots of sexual fantasies and so it would just not fit in.

Besides, she doesnt want to feel as though she’s his child or a little girl, she is quite happy to be a fully grown fully sexed woman. There are times when she’s a brat that he threatens her with little girl party dresses with bows on but aside from that the idea never even gets a mention. What this girl does with Grimly is very ‘adult’ and it will always remain that way.

The main reason though why this girl doesn’t even consider it is because of personal reasons, relating to her knowing that her referring to him as her daddy would  disturb him a little. It wouldn’t be respectful to her father or to his child.

She is his partner, his sex toy, his pet, his torture victim and his slave.

She is mature and adult enough to be all these things. She couldnt play the little girl.So she’ll stick to reading about people who can work their heads around this dynamic but it doesn’t fit with her own. She would rather have a good and loving father 200 miles south and a kinky, sexy, demented boyfriend 200 miles north than trying to pretend that he could fill a role that has already been filled completely adequately for all of this girl’s life.

This girl wouldn’t want anyone to try to replace her Dad any more than she would want anyone to try to replace her Master 🙂

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