Gagging order

Picture – dribble gag

This girl didn’t always feel comfortable with gags.

They take away the ability to express thoughts and fears during play, the ability to shout out, to scream and replace that ability, that freedom of speech, with an added vulnerability and helplessness. Though, its something she’s got used to with Grimly. If he wants to gag her, he will, and if it means holding her nose to get it on, he will do that as well.

Of course, this girl has long since gotten past the point where she needs to communicate with him verbally during play. The reason why play with him is so amazing is because he takes control of it, its about him doing what he wants to do to her and then her reaction and interaction with what he’s doing.

Sometimes though, despite completely knowing that this is absolutely and utterly what she wants…she wants to fight and she wants to brat. Which is of course, completely ridiculous given how brilliant he is in all of this. It still happens though sometimes, even when she tries really hard not to, and if this girl complains too much during play it spoils his headspace too.

It makes this girl feel bad, sometimes she feels a bit like the boy who cried wolf, complaining for reasons that are minor and really in the grand scheme of things extremely insignificant.

So thats why him sometimes having the ability to force her to keep quiet and muffle her protests is a good thing. She doesn’t need to protest. He knows her body, he knows what she can take and he knows what he is doing very well indeed.

It helps this girl get deeper into her headspace too by him doing that sometimes, she feels more vulnerable, more humiliated (there is nothing nice about drooling over her own tits) and at his mercy. Sometimes in fact she wishes he would gag her more, be harder, inflict more pain, and leave her completely panicked and stricken and adrenaline fuelled as he does so.

Its one of those things about BDSM, that when you have basic things that are your human rights stripped away from you that it enhances the fantasy and the experience. Freedom of speech and movement being two very significant ones.

During play she is not really free to speak as she wants, or move around apart from within the bondage restrictions he places her in. If he wants to have it that she is completely immobile and silenced he will do it, and she gets off on that of course.

But thats during play.

In general, this girl still maintains freedom of speech. She can talk to him about things without fear that he will fly off the handle if she suggests something that he might not agree with and she knows that she can request things of him and he will always give fair consideration.

For the blog too, there is no moderation. She writes whats on her mind, or what the things he has done to her incite her thoughts into being. He doesn’t tell her what to think, or what to write, in any forum. This girl appreciates that.

This girl thoroughly loves being his slave, but she needs to be left with the freedom to express that in her own way apart from the times when he does things to her that restrict that.

Censorship has never, ever, been a good thing. So why should it be for a blog.

In fact, if she were to say something here ‘incriminating’ then it is only going to please him really, because, it will show him that little more about her current state of mind despite whether she’s already told him about it verbally or not. This girl has always got the impression that her Master values how she thinks, how she writes and how she expresses herself so he isn’t going to put a gagging order on that or censor her internet writings.

Though of course…he will keep adding to his personal gag collection for his own perverted reasons!

3 thoughts on “Gagging order

  1. I do value your writing on here and the lovely little ways you incriminate yourself. I would never gag your blog ……your mouth however is another matter.


  2. and girl, maybe you do not see any merit in gag drool on tits, but it is quite sexy to see the shine and glisten. It shows a lack of control, and that a session is not just a quick photo op like you find on the commercial sites.

    It would be interesting to see what would be terror in your face or possible fatigue from being totally wiped out from torment. These are just two of those things that can be so sensual and would be fun to see if Grimly can create that look and capture it at the same time. BDSM multi-tasking!

  3. i didn’t say i didnt merit it Tim, just i dont like it! lol.

    There’s plenty of times where i look wiped out and tormented, though given I dont post face pictures really it would be hard to tell. Any of the pictures of the video mask/mind control mask will have had a completely blissed out, spaced and worn out girl underneath 🙂 Xx

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