Diversion tactics

Picture – dentist chair and video mask

The other day, another session in the dentist chair and video mask.

For those that haven’t read any of the previous posts about the mask, it is a gas mask that has built into it video goggles to enable the wearer to see what is being streamed to them via a multimedia device….normally a video camera…and normally what is being shown to this girl are images of her own current predicament.

This has been and always will be a bit of a head fuck with a sort of pathological fascination and curiosity to it. This girl wants to look. She wants to see whats happening, and yet, at the same time she would rather not know. Sometimes she wants to know everything, see everything and feel everything whilst concurrently wanting to shut herself off from it and drift into space and quite often drift towards orgasm as well. Aware and blissed out at the same time. So sometimes a weird and confusing predicament to be in.

Aside from that, and also building on it, what her Master does to her will also play tricks on her mind causing what is technically a form of sensory overload at times.

The reason for this, especially when he’s using the mask, is that she sees exactly what he wants her to see, despite whatever it is he might be *doing*, she only sees the director’s cut of it, whilst physically her body experiences what’s going on behind the scenes as well.

So, in this instance here, she sees the suspension bar being lowered into shot, she hears him rattling for the nipple clamps and she knows what is going to happen, and, of course, she knows that it will likely hurt. He adds the clamps, and it nips, and her nipples stretch as he cranks up the suspension bar.

But then, a few seconds later, whilst the clamps are still there, and her nipples are still stretched, this girl has forgotten them. Her focus being diverted and centered on her electrocuted cunt, the vibrator on her clit and her laboured breathing through the mask as he restricts the air flow a little. Then suddenly, she’ll be reminded, when he takes the clamps off and the blood flows back and he whispers into her head the word that makes her orgasm for him. Suddenly her body feels everything at once and is overloaded and a mess.

It always seems it happens as he directs, as he wants. He has these ways of making sure that her mind seems focussed on what he wants it to be, until he wants that to change to something else. Maybe she allows that, maybe she allows her imagination and focus to be led and to be controlled, but it is part of the fantasy, its part of how it works, its part of what makes it so incredible, the way he is able to control her mind and her body just by inflicting and directing pain and pleasure.

This girl read a book recently, where one of the lead characters was into coin tricks.

One of the key things to learn apparently about coin tricks is that you should get your audience to focus where the coin should be not where it is. So, if its in your left hand, you should be flourishing your right.

Play with Grimly is a bit like that. He’ll get all her attention on one place, and this girl will think she has it all worked out, she will think she knows what is going to happen next, and then something else happens, and quite often she’ll have never even seen it coming andwill be left completely amazed, bewildered and spaced out.

2 thoughts on “Diversion tactics

  1. it is a gas mask that has built into it video goggles to enable the wearer to see what is being streamed to them via a multimedia device

    You’ve got such incredible toys! I’m more in awe of the damn equipment than I am of your experiences, I think.

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