The toymaker

From this week’s submissive journal prompts

Do you make BDSM toys? What are your favorites thus far?

There is a straight answer to that question…this girl does not…but Grimly does!

This girl has tried…and failed! 

When she first got into BDSM and experimenting with her first sexual partner (he was completely vanilla her encouragement didn’t work) she tried a few things she tried to make a home made collar (it was a sort of stiff material covered in fur oh yes it was awful!) and a sort of breast bondage device thing. It was cheap, it was nasty and it completely turned the poor guy off! lol. The only good thing really about the sex with him was that it was good…but it was just boring and straight without the ‘kinky sprinkles’. Apart from adventuring into anal he was pretty straight laced, it wasn’t that he was completely without adventure…it just wasn’t diversified enough into THIS direction!

Anyway, the point, is this girl didn’t have the talent for making things, and at that point didn’t know what the fuck she was making anyway.

Its not that she isn’t creative, she can be quite artistic with drawing or presenting things, but when it comes to having to use tools, wood, metal and things that can cause injury…NO.

A few weeks ago she tried to make something at Grimly’s. Just really a collar to practice a bit of leather craft. She was useless. To do it, she needed to be able to punch holes in a bit of leather in the right place so it could be riveted, you wouldn’t probably think this sounds hard but this girl just probably holds tools all wrong or something and just couldn’t get it straight. Ok, she needs to give it another go sometime and more practice…but…its probably not ever going to be one of this girl’s talents.

But its one of Grimly’s.

It was the main attraction really. The whole concept of ‘he has all this stuff and he made it himself’ has always been a bit special. Everything he makes has a little of his fantasy put into it, and a bit of love. Its kind of a handy talent to be able to have, it saves a lot of money and also it means things fit just right all the time. Its good for the planet too because he’s not unknown to recycle old kit into something new. Well its either that or run out of space entirely!

So…what things has he made?

A glance at the gallery page should give you an impression of that..anything leather has been made by him – cuffs, collars, harnesses, suspension addition to that he’s made a lot of metal equipment now too including the scavengers daughter and other bondage frames and restraints.

The signature piece is of course though the dentist chair and associated accessories. The dentist chair has built in bondage, electrical contacts, a vaccuum point, a mount for the fuck machine and clamps to hold vibrators. Other equipment that he has made to compliment it include the mind control mask which allows flashy lights to be displayed to the victim in time with electrocution, the video mask – which allows the victim to see what’s happening from the torturer’s point of view, and of course the electro-vac torture bra.

Ok, ok so maybe its showing off a little and a bit fancier than the average efforts of st andrews cross and spreader bars…but then…everyone starts somewhere and Grimly was no exception to this and in fact his skill has improved just in the time this girl has known him. For anyone that wants advice on making kit there are a few useful links and books noted in the sidebar. This girl though is leaving the making stuff to him.

Something she made herself probably wouldn’t mean as much to her. It seems to mean more coming from him. It’s part of how things work and part of the D/s really that he adds this talent to things. 

2 thoughts on “The toymaker

  1. I’m very envious of the dentist chair. On my Christmas wish list is a portable gyno chair – but back to your dilema.

    You could try something that was less demanding than punching holes in leather…vegetables could be your answer. Go here to one of my blog posts. Let me know the results. Stay kinky xx

  2. Interesting idea but i think i will stick to leaving the toy making to him.

    I’m not going to start making things out of vegetables, I suppose its good for the planet as far as recycling goes…but…no…i prefer his efforts to remotely anything i could make because its just really part of our dynamic 🙂


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