Picture – tension – Grimly’s version of a hogtie

Grimly is always in this girl’s head, in her thoughts and in her mind – doing things.

She once visualized her brain almost like a NASA control room with him sat, pressing various buttons, switches,knobs….and basically tinkering But then, its a bit like that. Its what he does.

You could argue that he wouldn’t have gotten into her head if she hadn’t let him, and ok, maybe there’s some truth in that but then it was his skill and prowess that lowered her guard and awakened her mind to the possibilities he could bring about.

So now it is as though her mind is subconsciously on edge awaiting instruction and intervention from him.

Like last night.

Her body was not ‘feeling’ submissive. It was feeling the affects of PMT, and its at those times that particularly with him not being here, that this girl feels the least submissive, the most bolshy and the most emotional and on edge.

Her mind though was another story. Just there, right out of the blue he said the word that makes her orgasm, and she did. Big. If you don’t read here often you might not understand or believe that this happens, but Grimly has conditioned this girl that she will orgasm from just one specific word from him (which happened following a cause of electrotherapy, hypnotism and ‘brainwashing’).

It was a reminder that even when she thinks she doesn’t want him to be, he is ultimately in control of her. Like there is this sexual tension always ready to break into something.

Its more apparent during play of course. When she’s tied up with nowhere to go and nothing to do apart from to wait to see what he does.

Grimly has this way of always building things up, of always creating tension, of always building up toΒ  having this girl hovering on the brink of orgasm and often on the brink of her pain threshold as well. He is a bit of a bastard really in that respect!

Sometimes she feels like fighting back, like challenging him, like trying to beat him…but when most of the time when she’s around him and he’s being evil this girl is bound so tight she can’t move…it’s pretty pointless!

Like here…. what chance does she have??!

6 thoughts on “Tension

  1. That was actually one sexy read πŸ™‚ I have been so busy this week, and past weekend πŸ˜‰ I am just now getting a chance to catch up on my favorites … sounded like/looks so very, very interesting …. there was a moment I wanted to fight back, I remember his commenting on “what’s the look for?” and it blew all the wind out of my sails…hehehe…just gave in to the pain kind of thing…

  2. How long did you stay like this whimpering and mppphing : )

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