Presenting Exhibit ‘A’

Picture – home made electrocuted subbie-stand

There are apparently museums about torture, and about sex.

But what about sexual and erotic torture? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere a museum dedicated to BDSM or to infliciting any sort of pain for pleasure.  Yes ok. There’s probably a reason for that. Several.

So here below… exhibit that may possibly appear in such a museum, if one existed. This picture shows an invention lovingly nicknamed ‘the subbie stand’. Home made of course, it is almost a bit like a portable non suspended electric pony. The ‘victim’ straddles it, whilst strapped and bound and unable to move apart from to writhe a little when the wires are plugged and shocks delivered to her sensitive areas. However, the trick is to wriggle not too much because any movement causes the stand to swivel upwards causing the victim to gradually end up tip-toe.

On this occasion, Grimly connected the electrics and a vibrator (it has a vibrator mount too you can’t make it out very well in the picture but its the hole shape a little above the electric contacts) and then went downstairs and watched her on the CCTV.

He watched as she wriggled trying to get herself sat on a comfortable/pleasurable place on it to get the benefit of the electrics to much amusement. It frustrated the hell out of this girl knowing that she was completely restricted, and although he wasn’t in the room totally and utterly under his control like some sort of interactive exhibit.

Or is that what they call performance art???

5 thoughts on “Presenting Exhibit ‘A’

  1. Hi t.g.
    I’m very impressed with this picture. I can understand why Grimsley takes such pride in you and what you can do. I’m trying to work my way through all you pictures, but it takes time because I stop so often to carefully study so many of the pictures. From your blog, you sound like one who is living in the Seventh Heaven or some such.
    Good luck but be careful

  2. It is definitely art, and I’ll bet your performance was something else! Thank you for sharing not only your play, but also your thoughts and ideas. It really gives an interesting insight into what you do together. Oh, and thank Grimley for his diabolical ideas!

  3. My goodness, I think I need a nappy after reading about your adventures dear… how wonderfully lucky you are! x

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