Drinking gag

Picture – home – made drinking gag

Here are pictures of the drinking gag as promised which was referred to in this earlier post.

You should be able to get some idea of scale from the hands and the size of the bottle, but there is no way  that once the gag is strapped on that it can be pushed out and the tongue cannot cover the bit the liquid comes out of. The gag is made of latex so it is very restrictive.

The bottle itself was originally from IKEA but corrupted and a valve added so either liquid either comes out of it or not, it runs down the tub into the gag piece.

The rest should be self explanatory..hopefully! 😉

2 thoughts on “Drinking gag

  1. girl,
    You have listed a post as for Grimly with a password. is that something that is for his eyes only or something that we regualr readers need to get a password from you about?;-)

  2. Its just a personal message for him and it will remain that way. Don’t worry you’re not missing anything all it is is personal sentiments that i wanted to record but didnt want everyone reading. Normal service will shortly be resumed.

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