Ripped open and laid bare

Picture – bound and electrocuted

Sometimes during play this girl feels like her Master is ripping things open to access parts of her body and mind for the purpose of torment.  Sometimes that is literally, like this, encasing her in something and then making it so he can get unrestricted access to the areas of her body he wants to torment,stimulate,arouse and torture. Of course, sometimes its not so literal.

There are times when he is more subtle, and does things that get into her head in crafty, cunning and evil ways. Its to be expected, its what he does. Its part of what his dominance and sadism is about. Its part of the game and thats okay its what works.

In respect to this blog,there are times when this girl wonders whether she herself allows things to be too open around here. Too exhibitionistic. TMI for people.

She’s started reading a book recently ‘blind faith’ by Ben Elton (author of High Fidelity). Basically, its about a post apocalyptic society where privacy is ‘wrong’, EVERYONE has the equivalent of a myspace and writes about the most intricate and private details of their lives and its compulsory to do so. It got this girl thinking about whether she shares too much here. But then – to write this blog is not compulsory or a chore. She writes what she *wants* to write, and although sometimes she might go into lots of detail, there is also so much going on in her life that just doesn’t fit in here. Its a blog about BDSM and D.s so she sticks to that, who would want to read about the daily things? This girl writes when there’s something to write about, not because she has to.

But is it too much sometimes? Ok a subjective question.

This girl reads quite a lot of other blogs, and maybe like her you like to sort of read the details, try and sort of get a glimpse into people’s lives, think about how it works for them. Feel sometimes as though you know them a bit, so its sometimes a case of not enough stuff to read as opposed to too much. Though sometimes the mystery is good…thinking what else might be going on here that is behind close doors?

This girl tries and maintains a healthy balance here, snippets of her BDSM and D/s enough to show who she is and her open-ness about it without revealing every solitary thing that happens. Like…she would never go into graphic details about sex with him for instance because there’s so many other places you can read about sex…she’d much rather give a glimpse of what makes things a little different and unusual with enough detail to get people thinking about ways to add to their own kink.

Actually thinking about it..there’s not really a thing as too much BDSM is there? 😉

4 thoughts on “Ripped open and laid bare

  1. girl,
    I for one can’t get enough of your writing. It is sincere, erotic, insight into a world that many people think they would like, but are unable to go. Your style with Grimley is not for everyone’s taste’s, but for those of us who are waiting for the girl movie so we can hear your sensual sufferings, please do not stop, or wonder if you are not doing something good for just yourself, or that no one else is listening.

  2. Thanks for your comments Tim 🙂

    I think it would be sometime before there are any movies here, our video camera we have is very old and only analogue so whilst it works for the purposes of the video mask it wouldn’t be good enough quality to make anything more than that out of. Who knows what might happen in the future though

    Thanks again.

  3. Hmmm a film of what Grimly shows you in the goggles while we hear your reactions in the background. Now that would make some interesting YOUTUBE (better for Pornotube) video!

  4. oh gosh wouldnt put it on youtube ever…i once put a slideshow of pictures there i lasted about a week before they banned it!

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