Imprisoned in latex

Pictures- latex vac bed

The latex vac bed was something this girl put off trying for ages. The idea of it scared her a little, the idea of total enclosure and of all the air around her being sucked away. She’s tried it twice now. This photo is of the second time, which was just last week.

The vac bed pictured above was home made by Grimly, it is basically some plastic poles which fit together to make a frame, and then the latex is almost like an envelope which fits over them. There is a pipe that then feeds into that which when connected to the vacuum cleaner sucks all the air out. As the air is sucked out the latex grips your skin, its quite claustrophobic in many respects but once the fear of that is passed it is actually quite funky. The tube allows breathing (as if you were snorkelling) and so it is totally safe.

Its really just getting over that initial fear of the enclosure and then it becomes one of those freaky but arousing kind of things. So many things Grimly does to this girl are like that.

It goes back to being about trust. Grimly knows this girl has fears and concerns sometimes but he helps her overcome those.

Eventually he is hoping to build a new vac bed something like this, the latex prison :-

There’s plenty of possibilities anyway.

5 thoughts on “Imprisoned in latex

  1. I just posted this item for sale today in the shopping section of the BondageRadio site:

    Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed (CNVXR-ST985-BLK) $600 US

    It’s amazing how much like our professional version, Grimly’s home made version looks.

    The photo is here:

    Perhaps I should talk to Grimly about any other design ideas.


    NOTE: (Bondage Radio recommends using a hollow gag so that there is no chance of the breathing hole slipping and restricting the flow of air.)

    When the vacuum cleaner is switched on, all of the air will be rapidly and evenly removed from all sides, instantly _shrink wrapping_ the person inside. It is important to check to make sure that the person inside the vacuum bed is breathing alright and that they are not experiencing any discomfort before continuing.

    WARNING: Caution should be taken when using the vacuum bed. Never leave anyone unattended in a vacuum bed and never use this device for self-bondage.

  2. thanks for your reply and comments and useful safety information.

    The reason Grimly’s vac bed looks so good is that everything he does is done to a very high standard and it shows you dont need to spend a lot of money to get something that does the job if you have the creative mind 🙂

    Please note this blog is my diary of my bdsm, and not supposed to be for the commenters to plug items for sale. This comment can stay but any future comments of this nature will be deleted.

    this girl does not endorse this product or the seller.

    (no offence bondageradio but you should have asked if this was ok!)

  3. no problem.

    I was truly just commenting on the timing and the similarity.

    These two posts on the same type of bed were posted an ocean apart on the same day, and Grimmy’s work looks so professional.

  4. Still to this day, I cannot believe being in a vac bag is as restrictive as it is. I am just not sure I can describe any other feeling that compares to that layer of air being sucked out entirely pulling the latex to the skin.

  5. It has been only just last week that I had a go at a play party. I was so clam and restful . My top a female friend allow the first time. and with all the safety signs. Under supervise condition She was very happy of my relax mind and good breathing as well. As I am looking forward for more under her care for more ideas hers of course.

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