Erotic humiliation

Picture – caged in green latex with drinking gag and enema

Humiliation can be extremely erotic for this girl, if its done in a sexual and degrading yet arousing kind of way.

Being shouted at, being abused, being made to feel worthless does not make this girl feel good or sexy on any level because it takes her out of her head space and gets her back up and her defences going. Though of course she has never been put in a situation with Grimly where she has been made to feel that way. However, if something embarrasing is taken and turned into something sexual, something kinky, something downright perverted and debased then it is going to work, and its rather hot and sexy.

The rest of the post is behind the more tag in case this topic and pictures don’t appeal.

In the picture this girl is dressed completely in latex and tied into the cage in a position which keeps her waist in the air and her head down, leaving certain parts of her body available and completely at his mercy. He decided to use the enema plug together with a drinking gag, so liquid basically being filtered in at both ends of a girl restrained and unable to do a damn thing about it. Apart from get hornier of course.

This girl actually really gets off on enemas sometimes. Its the invasive nature of it really, a break of a little taboo, which of course any sort of anal play can often be. It’s not that normal, its a bit naughty, its a kinky build up for maybe something ‘more’ later on. Normally, when she has them its whilst lying on the medical bed and maybe strapped down a bit, so to be caged, bent over and restrained, with no way of it falling out was a bit different. It is humiliating and embarrassing to feel invaded like that, to know that he’s outside controlling it, taking pictures of it and being aroused by the predicament he has created.

He also used a ‘drinking gag’ on her as well, which is a little rubber gag connecting to a tube that any type of liquid can be fed through to the point where you *have* to drink it whenever the valve is open. This girl is not a particular fan of gags and this one is no exception to that. Its horrid. The gag reflex is almost intensified by the fact that you have to combine it with being forced to drink.

Combined though, the whole experience was very arousing, being bound, being violated and controlled. Possibly not to everyones taste….but then what is ?

More pictures here.

21 thoughts on “Erotic humiliation

  1. Well it is golden colored and you are talking about humiliating circumstances so is this from one of you being in a “pissy mood”?

    BTW using alcohol enemas can add an interesting angle because they are so fast acting. Kind of a popper for your pooper!

  2. Apple juice? Now – though even being in such a compromising position, I imagine that latex suit has some comfort added – well in my mind, for myself, it would…like a bit of protection, maybe? Well this coming from someone who has body image issues – and would want something nice and form fitting like that when on hands and knees 🙂

  3. heehehe yes. Admitting it probably has shattered the elusion for some people but i’m NOT into piss play.

    The latex suit is just latex, tho its prettty tight so it holds in all the wobbly bits! 😉


  4. I don’t understand a thing. The flow on the gag is very very slow to avoid incident or the tongue can move to stop the flow?

  5. The flow can be controlled a little by valve, though its mostly a case of either ON or OFF.

    The amount of liquid normally going through it when its on is about enough to be able to drink ‘manageably’ for a little while, but if it were to continue then it is not, and the liquid if you dont swallow spills everywhere. There isnt really much alternative though to drink when the valve is open because the liquid will keep running through it till its all gone.

    The size of the piece within the mouth is too big (for my mouth anyway ) for my tongue to be able to have any influence over it. There’s no way the gag can be spat out either too well fitted for that.

    Really its up to him whether i’m made to drink, or not, it doesnt give me any control in the matter.

    I”ll try and post some other pictures of the gag close up in the next couple of weeks if i can which might make it make more sense.

  6. Wow I kind of feel like I won a contest – LOL 🙂 I think my English got a bit mixed up 😉 hahaha, what I had meant about protection – lol – was that latex holds in the “wobbly bits” meaning I’d feel much more secure – strange as that may sound… I too will look forward to seeing pics of the gag too to have a better understanding…

  7. Latex is pretty slimming really.

    Its weird its one of these things a few years ago i would have thought…’no, not really my thing’ but then quite a few things fall into that category.

    You’re right…i think its the tightness of it is probably part of what i like as well…a sort of bondage outfit ! Though i like the visual effects too

  8. Thanks….but i don’t think we need a book on it have plenty ideas of our own! 🙂 I have deleted the link to your book as I dont advertise things on my blog sorry.

  9. Surprised he didn’t continue the concept to include a catheter.

  10. it would be possible just he didn’t choose to do that this time, whether he would another time I don’t know…though I’m hoping not…LOL.

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