Picture – nose and mouth hooks

These hooks aren’t something this girl had tried before, though of course there is a first for everything! The idea of the nose and mouth hooks previously had left this girl a little apprehensive, in that facial bondage is rather unusual when there are so many other parts of the body to restrict and torment and just the thought of it was rather scary. The idea of metal poking into her face, pulling it into the position he wants, giving her no way of moving without a reminder of the restriction was extremely daunting…

and yet….

on trying it…

it’s actually a lot of fun and incredibly erotic!

Yes its a bit odd visually, yes it looks like maybe something out of a horror film, but then, sometimes, the more tormented this girl feels the more aroused she is – and she was exceptionally!

In addition to the facial bondage, he also strapped her down fully to the medical bed and so she could not move it all. Left helpless and vulnerable for him to do exactly as he wished..and he did.

4 thoughts on “Hooked!

  1. I love using the piggy nose on chance. Its effect is instant, a powerful little device indeed.


  2. Indeed it is , i was suprised actually by how it made me feel was expecting to hate it, and i did but in one of those hate it but turned on sort of ways!

  3. Od but erotic, isn’t it? i thought i would dislike that completely but that’s not what happened when Master M used those gadgets in this slave. And i think O/our photos turned out interesting. At least for me, it’s not really nothing of an horror movie.

    ki, a portuguese slave proudly owned by Master M

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