Mind modification

Picture – brainwashing mask and dentist chair

This girl has written before about various brainwashing techniques and hypnosis methods that have been used on her.

She read a post today where brainwashing was discussed a little, with some indication that it is really just for the realm of fantasy and in reality could be dangerous,non-consensual,counter-productive and abusive.For Grimly & this girl that is not the case!

There are submissives who through all manner of mind games and head fucks go down a path of losing their free will and own mind resulting in a style of submission where they are reliant on their dominant and will accept ideas and practices which they may have otherwise questioned out of fear of harm or rejection which is not healthy.

All dominants are going to ‘condition’ their submissives in some respects, to aid their development and learning because if the dynamic was to stand still from day 1 of the relationship it would be extremely dull. Its really just a matter of whether that conditioning leads to something that is fun for both parties involved or whether it is soul destroying and abusive. A good Dom needs to help build his submissive’s strengths and not play on and manipulate her weaknesses.

When this girl entered her relationship with Grimly she was a little hesistant and afraid of exactly that, in by nurturing her submssion would she lose something of ‘herself’?  Would she feel taken advantage of, would she feel as though she was being forced to become something she didn’t want to be?

She soon learned that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Although there are so many things that she has gone through with him that have changed her attitude and her outlook and her behaviour she still feels like herself. She doesn’t feel as though she is reliant on him, or trapped, or living in an unhealthy unbalanced relationship.

Brainwashing is a strong term. It suggests something the mind doesn’t want and cannot challenge.

It suggests evil and technical deviousness overthrowing free will,implanting suggestion and conquest over another human being. It’s all rather fantastical, the stuff of sci-fi films and yet…for some people it happens. It goes back to the idea that BDSM is about your darkest,deepest and wildest fantasies.

Grimly has a mind control machine. This girl has written about it before, it is basically a mask with flashing lights and sounds built into it that can be used in tandem with bondage, electro play and his voice whispering through her earphones. It is very effective. But is it really brainwashing?

The suggestions he has so far placed in her mind have been triggers inducing orgasm and inducing stomach cramps and also suggestions encouraging good behaviour and submission.

The difference though between this and the type of brainwashing you see in science fiction films is that its really deep down what she wants! Grimly designed this machine to appeal to her kink, to help her overcome her fear of falling into her own submission.

This girl has always needed to feel controlled and conquered. She enjoys her fantasies more if she feels she has no choice, if its all because of him and his deviance,talent and know-how.

It basically fits her fantasy, but she is not being made to do anything or change into being something that repulses her. So although he is exercising control he is not abusing that power.

The ‘brainwashing’ machine works on her and is a powerful tool in play because the whole idea of it , the whole notion completely turns her on and her vulnerability during this type of play leaves her feeling conquered and controlled and leads to shattering orgasms every time. Every part of her is controlled, her movement, what she is feeling,what she is hearing and seeing.A 360 degree  experience, and its because of that being all consuming that it is so believable and effective.

It’s not dangerous, because he knows what he is doing and what he is creating.

This girl herself is sometimes not sure where it will all end up, but she knows she is in extremely capable hands.

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