Memorandum to Hell

This girl is reading a book at the moment by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett called ‘Good Omens’.

This quote from it caused her some amusement which you’ll get if you read here regularly (or just look at the gallery page)

There’d been times over the last millenium, when he’d felt like sending a message back Below saying Look, we may as well give up right now, we might as well shut down Dis and Pandemonium and everywhere and move up here, there’s nothing we can do to them that they dont do themselves and they do things we’d never even thought of, often involving electrodes. They’ve got what we lack. They’ve got imagination. And electricity, of course. 

This girl can remember someone in her work once saying ‘Hell. I bet that is like some sort of bad S&M club’. To this girl, hell maybe would be a bit similar to that. Or similar in the sense it would be a ‘version’ of her fantasy, where everything was wrong and backwards, and no orgasms. Yep. No orgasms. That would be hell. Ok its not all about orgasms, but they do help of course.

Grimly could make life hell for this girl quite easily. In all manner of ways. Chastity would be a good one. Arrgh crap she still owes him a week of that. But then, he hasnt got the final belt done (or bought) yet. So…that one can be put off for a while.

Hell would be him being cold with her, him not being loving after play, him leaving her frustrated and without release. There are loads of aspects of torment this girl loves and all manner of pain, frustration, torture and humiliation…but if they were to go on and on without release…well…it would get irritating after a while.

Sometimes this girl thinks it would be fun to have a long session where the torture and torment builds up over a number of days and nights too encorporating all sorts of things and sensory deprivation in between times, to feel scared and totally headfucked and controlled but it would need to come to a head at the end. There needs to be that. Hell would be like groundhog day perhaps where each day there gets more pain and less pleasure. (Hate hate hate that film). Sometimes thinking about torment and suffering is a real turn on, its even more erotic when its happening but then nothing about BDSM is really that pink and pretty, the dark, twisted fantasies are much more fun!

This girl can often be embarrassed or humiliated to admit her fantasies. The things that haven’t yet happened. Its easy to write about experience. This is what happened, this is how it felt. To write about things that might happen in the future is scarier, and sometimes its a bad idea to try and do that because one particular reader will pick up on and it and go ‘aha’ and rub his hands in some sort of manic ‘going to take over the world’ kind of way and then go out to his shed. Ok, and thats fun. But it also can be a bit daunting, because there is always this question of ‘if he actually does this, if it happens will it be okay, will i like it , will i hate it, will it twist my mind forever’. In answer to the last rhetorical question, this girl’s mind is already probably a little twisted and mis-shapen but there doesn’t seem to be any severe cerebral damage so she’s not too concerned for the time being.

Grimly could run hell.

He could invent so many ways for torment and suffering, and he would do it efficiently, he would probably be quite clinical about it. He’s got the combination of a strong imagination, creativity and a sadistic nature.

But then, if the people deserved the torture and the suffering for being ‘bad’ it wouldn’t be fun him. Heck, it would be like providing a public service. It would almost be like being a civil servant. Only just ‘slightly’ more perverse than working for Her Majesty’s Inspector of Taxes, and this girl should know she’s been in one of their offices. Besides, he prides himself on tormenting one girl’s mind in particular why target all of the underworld, when torture is at its best when it has that little personal je ne sais quoi.

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