Balancing act

Picture – electric wooden pony with arm bondage

This girl seems to get a lot of people looking for the wooden pony…so here….another picture of Grimly’s electric one. Ok for pussy torture it certainly is one of the most effective devices….

The wooden pony as you can see is a plank of wood suspended from the ceiling which can be adjusted higher or lower by a winch so that you have to stand on your toes with most of the weight and the stress being concentrated in one specific area…guess where!

This pony is electric though. The strip of silver is conductive tape so as well as pressure being applied to this girl’s sensitive bits she’s being electrocuted as well.

It is a clever torture because although it is such a turn on and so erotic, it can also be extremely frustrating after a while as it starts getting uncomfortable and the back of the legs get sore and the pressure creates a sort of dull ache which is a sensation that combines in a really odd way with the tingle of the electricity.

It’s sort a balancing act….where do you put the pressure…on your tiptoes, on the plank, or do you just sort of wobble in an extremely unladylike way as you try to decide?? Oh and getting horny from it just makes the electricity worse…extra conductivity 😉 Doomed!

A lot of BDSM and D/s is like that a sort of balancing act trying to sort of work out how to fit in everything, how to fit in round work , family, life, each other even.

This girl wonders sometimes whether people exist that are completely and utterly consumed by their kink to the point where (hate this quote) they ‘live the lifestyle’. Probably loads of people like that, refer to that, whatever, its not this girl & Grimly and they are not some kinky version of the Addams family or the Munsters…though…you know…their torture chamber is kind of nice, and it would be nice to have the castle minus the cobwebs.

And sometimes…this quote of Morticia’s has a sort of little familiarity….

Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!

Sometimes the things Grimly does frighten this girl momentarily and give her a really big rush of adrenaline when she sees that sort of mad sadistic look flash across his face, but then if there wasn’t a bit of fear, a bit of excitement and a bit of edginess about it, it would be boring! The belief that he *wants* to hurt her and the delight that gives him is such a big part of it because for BDSM to work best both partners need to feel as though the other is willing and savouring their role and part.

9 thoughts on “Balancing act

  1. Love the Morticia quote! I’ve always loved watching the Addams Family tv show, along with the movies, and not to mention the cartoon that came out briefly – and ohhh definitely without “cobwebs” – ewww spiders! Ouch to your tender and sensitive bits – though must say quite interesting and ingenious! Okay its the ponytail – gives you a very youthful look 😉 Hope your weekend is full of lots of devilish fun!

  2. The main thing about the Addams family i like is that if i can get Grimly to sing the theme tune and do the clicks it makes me orgasm (he put a hypnotic trigger in me that i can orgasm from a click of his fingerS)…tho…he only fell for doing it once.
    I’m quite happy to look youthful 🙂 hate to think what my pics are going to look like 30 years from now…oh well…can always airbrush lol.

  3. Very interesting srtup and would be very interested in the girls description of her session.

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