Hypnosis and control of the mind

Picture – a hypnosis and electrotherapy session in the dentist chair

Hypnosis used to be something this girl was very sceptical and suspicious of.

The likes of Paul Mckenna & other television hypnotists, the imagery of swinging watches, of otherwise normal people just being able to surrender control of their minds…something about it just wasn’t all that believable and the whole ‘when i click my fingers you will think you are a dog’ and all of that, just something did not ring true about it. This girl used to think it was probably all staged by stooges set up and told to behave that way.

There are a lot of things you can have that sort of attitude of disbelief about. Until it happens to YOU.

This girl is the type of person that asks why. She likes explanations, she likes to know how things work. She likes to know how the magician creates the illusion. Or she used to. Sometimes its better not knowing.

You can appreciate the magic and illusion better if you don’t know the science. If you try and believe that something just *is* rather than the whys behind it.

So somehow or other Grimly has been able to now plant two triggers in this girl’s mind by a form of hypnosis.

The first she has already written about before – an orgasm trigger. Inplanted by a combination of electrotherapy, hypnosis brought on by flashy lights and rhythmic sounds, his verbal suggestions and a bit of magic. So that now, by either one word ‘slave’ or one click of his fingers – this girl will orgasm.

Some people probably don’t believe this is true. You either believe or you don’t. Why would this girl lie or fantasise about it? About such a pivotal point of her D/s? In a way it makes this girl feel like some weird sort of sex driven creature that orgasm control manipulates her behaviour so greatly but who is she to question. Being able to orgasm when he is 200 miles away and on the phone is NOT a complaint!

Though, the other day, he implanted a less pleasurable trigger.

He had threatened it before. To put a word in her head that if he says it in a certain tone will cause her to cramp and not remotely feel like wanting to experience an orgasm.

This girl knows what happened at the start. And at the end. The middle…is very hazy.

He put her in the dentist chair like this – wearing the video mask (so she could watch what was happening to her) and added the electro-suction bra, and some electric muscle pads on her tummy :-

This girl nearly always starts getting spacy when she’s wearing a mask. As though she is lulled by the sound of her own breathing, and relaxes into a sort of trance despite the electrical stimuli and watching things unfold through the vision the mask gives is odd because its almost as though its all happening to someone else. So its really easy for her to get confused!

He turned up the electricity on the pads going to her stomach. It wasnt particularly painful but it wasn’t comfortable either, and the next thing she knew the pads and the bra cups were removed and he concentrated on working on electrocuting and stimulating her cunt, leading up eventually to a blinding orgasm. What happened between the stomach muscles tensing from the electricity and the sensation stopping and becoming pleasurable is the hazy part.

Later, he said the word ‘girl’ when he was being stern with her about something, as he does sometimes. It’s the word he uses when she’s being let’s say less than perfect, and she felt her stomach cramp. The easiest way to describe it to another woman is to describe like period pain the type of stomach cramp you get about 2 nights before.

She had to ask. Did he? Did he put that suggestion there? Did he say something during the session to associate that sensation with THAT word or did she fill in the blanks mentally herself from knowing that he had threatened doing something like that in the past and tying it in with the electro pads being where they were to fill in the blanks. She thought almost as if she could have conditioned herself by trying to add up the factors. But no.

He says he hypnotized her, but this girl has no recollection of it happening. She only remembers the electrical throbbing and then the pleasure a little after. She asked again. Did it really? Was she out for the count ? He insists it happened. That he put that suggestion there, that during the session he told her it would happen, that she would feel that sensation again when he was displeased with her and called her girl.

It is hard to believe, and yet it’s not. Given how spacy this girl knows that she was, anything could have happened.

Its sort of scary to think that he can get her like that into a trance like state and push open a couple of doors to get into her mind and play around with things in there. Scary and yet not really that scary as she knows he wouldnt do anything too cruel…she knows him too well for that. Whilst it is scary its also rather thrilling knowing that he has that level of control, and that level of skill that he can do these things. It makes things pretty special as its not an ability owned by your average dominant.

Maybe part of it is suggestion. So what. However it got there, it did, giving words from him the ability to cause reactions in her body. It will be interesting to see where else this can go though it leaves this girl feeling a little anxious!

He said the first time he ever fiddled around with her mind with the flashy lights and electrics and funny noises that nothing would happen if she didn’t want it to.

It makes this girl wonder then what secret desires she has that she won’t even admit to herself, and yet, seem to be obvious to him.

9 thoughts on “Hypnosis and control of the mind

  1. Your absolute trust and faith in Grimly must definitely be the key he needs to your mind πŸ™‚ I am like your oldself – inquisitive, questions, figuring it out, and so not sure that I could be hypnotised at the current stage, but I am sure I can be trained like Pavlov’s Dog for the moment – hehehe… Interesting read πŸ™‚

  2. Your trust is fantastic, but I think you are very “courageous” going to places where the mind might decide enough and leave you damaged. Your experiences fascinate!!

  3. Hi! i have just stumbled onto your Flickr page and this blog today, and am thoroughly mesmerized by the experiences you two are sharing! What you have described above is the type of brainwashing and programming that really pushes my buttons, and is only slightly less insidious than what happens in my stories! LOL It is obvious that your Master understands the principles of conditioning quite well, and just like one of Pavlov’s dogs, you’ve been deeply conditioned to respond on a physical level to things that he has done to your mind. Your blog and photos reveal a highly sensuous and erotic lady and i think you two are extremely fortunate to have found each other! Best wishes always, Latexman πŸ™‚

  4. Do you find that while up in those types of stirrups, you are able to remain more comfortable for longer periods of time? On one hand, I see it holding more of your leg in a place that lets you relax more, yet I wonder if it would put pressure in places that make longterm restraint unbearable.

  5. nice thing, i would like to see(and try!) something like that made for mans

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