Fours meme

A meme found on m’s blog :-

four unusual places you have had sex:
1. In a Ford Ka….not much room it aint easy!
2. Walthamstow – the london area also known as E17
3. In a tent – after a weekend of camping pervertery – lots of other perverts heard me oops!
4. All manner of positions in the playroom – whilst suspended,whilst covered in latex, all sorts of stuff!

four erotic books you’ve read:
1. Story of O
2. Owned & Owner
3. Screw the Roses
4. The Handmaid’s Tale – not sure this counts, but i recently revisited the movie of it – i studied it at college…and lots of fetish undertones.

four of your favorite erotic zones:
1. on my tatoo – lower back
2. clit
3.cunt – its so obvious but so what.
4. ears

four sexy experiences you want to have:
1. be a fully encased latex doll – so many men do it why not a real girl
2. Visit the states and meet kinky fun people
3. Have a patient for the ‘torture clinic’
4. Be able to arrange a successful pony play event that isnt several hundred miles away from here!

four favorites:
1. position…on top
2. sex toy…fuck machine…or electrics…or both…or everything!
3. porn…don’t really look at porn i prefer reading about kink! is that weird?
4. sexy music…classical

four sexy things you like to wear:
1. latex
2. vintage lingerie & dresses pin up style
3. straight jacket
4. chinese dresses

That’s it! Join in if you want either here or on your own blog.

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