Dungeon desires

Picture – steel yoke

At a suggestion of a local kinkster,this girl & Grimly tried a visit to a nearby historic tower.

It was in a really beautiful setting and rather peaceful, until it was pervertified by a naked girl locked into a metal yoke!

For this girl medieval torture has always been a fantasy. Cold metal restraints,hanging cages,racks,dunking,stocks and whipping….but to find somewhere where the fantasy is ‘credible’ is really difficult given that your average castle isn’t often available for anything than tourism, and that is if its not a pile of rubble anyway! So to recreate the fantasy *exactly* is pretty difficult.

What is it about medieval torture anyway that makes it such a turn on? Most probably the fact that it is so taboo. It was, and always has been wrong, non-consensual and about suffering and torment. It’s sort of if anything a visualisation or metaphor for a need for raw pain and for fear.

Most BDSM play is ultimately consensual and safe including the play this girl shares with her Master. Of course sometimes during play it doesnt always feel that way and sometimes this girl will feel that she is spinning out of control of her own body…but hey thats the fun part 😉

Maybe there is this need in this girl to play the part of the victim or the tortured heroine to feel as though her control is being beaten, broken and taken away. It never ends with her winning – but then torture never did. Whatever method used, a skilled torturer would always get the confession or the results he wanted, and Grimly is no different, perhaps almost worthy of a job within the inquisition due to his talent and penchant for creating evil devices capable of reducing a poor girl to a screaming orgasmic wreck.

Ok…orgasms.. not necessarily a historic preferred outcome of torture…but now, why not? 🙂

Torture does not exist in BDSM the way it did all those years ago. Yes, real torture does still exist, real suffering without any sort of fantasy behind it and without any appreciation of human rights, but BDSM has evolved basicaly from people having a need and love to feel and inflict pain and suffering erotically upon one another. Most kinky toys have at one point been based on something that was historically used only for discomfort.

This girl read a post elsewhere that said that the chinese have a good example of a torture device being used for good – death by 1000 needles became a medical treatment in the form of acupuncture! Pain and sensation can be used for good and for fun as well as for evil and coercion.

Though evil….can be hot.

Sometimes this girl needs that feeling of raw pain, of helplessness and of being totally at his mercy as he inflicts whatever he wants upon her body. She needs to feel totally, cruelly and sadistically tortured and to be reduced to begging for mercy and to be scared. What makes the fantasy comfortable and not totally despotic or opressive is knowing the love and aftercare is there as well, because whilst it would be extremely erotic to feel that the torture was real and not part of a loving fantasy, it would feel dangeous too and not quite right.

So whilst being in love with a torturer is odd, it’s what works. He can be evil, and yet keep his sadistic desires enough in check to not go completely overboard or into some sort of weird mad dangerous place.

Yes BDSM is dark and dangerous, but, something keeps it sort of ok by it being something that is lovingly shared and whilst he is able to use this girl’s darkest fantasies and need for erotic stimuli to reduce her to her knees she will always love him for it.

6 thoughts on “Dungeon desires

  1. I love those photos… though I can’t help but giggle over the idea of a gaggle of tourists just happening by with their cameras and flashes snapping and all the ooohs and ahhhs if they had seen you! Lucky you to have such a nice historic setting to play in….

  2. it was fun…the only problem with it is that its one of these places that there might be no one for miles…or there might be loads of people picnicking and no way of knowing in advance! Rather than tourists its more likely probably to be people fishing in the local river stopping for lunch, but really beautiful place!

  3. Heavy metal bondage along with a little pain IS a turn on for a helluva lot of people. Metal conveys the idea there is NO possibility of escape. In fact, the person can be literally locked into metal bondage. With rope bondage, constant struggling MIGHT allow escape. AND rope stretches to ALLOW struggling. The idea of a girl manacled in a seductive position where her naked back and ass can be lightly kissed with a single tail whip is VERY erotic to me!

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