Breath control

Picture – popper bottle attachment for the dentist chair

This girl has written a little on this subject before.

Before she met Grimly it was an activity she had touched on only lightly with firm hands over her mouth and nose. Slowly he introduced her to play featuring gas masks and breathing tubes and because it was combined with things that she already felt comfortable with and that turned her on she became accustomed to it to the point where it became one of the most exciting types of play for her. A lot of people view breath play as dangerous. As edgy. As unsafe.

It is. If you don’t know what you are doing, or playing with someone who lacks vigilance and creativity.

The breath play Grimly does with this girl is highly regulated and controlled. Nothing is left to chance and that is what makes it so erotic because she knows he is completely in control of her breathing almost as though her life is in his hands. She doesn’t feel he’s playing with it or risking it because everything that happens is because it is how he is directing it.

If he were to use a poly bag or a hood with no air holes or anything like that…it would not be the same. There would be too much risk, that ‘direction’ and control would not be there and so it would lack the main ingredients which make it erotic and effective for this girl.

Instead, with the equipment he uses – a combination of various masks with breathing tubes connected to an oxygen regulator – he knows exactly how much air she is or is not getting and also how it smells.

It still requires him to watch every sign from her, whether she is labouring, whether she is in danger – but she has never felt in danger once.

With the regulator quite often air flow is simply reduced as opposed to cut off completely, so its harder for her to breathe but not impossible and the sound of her own laboured breathing is almost hypnotic through the gas masks and hoods he puts on her.

A recent adaptation has been to fit a bottle to the chair that can contain anything he chooses and a valve can be open or closed for the smell to filtrate to her mask :-

In this case, the bottle contains poppers on a bit of cotton wool. All he needs to do is to flick the valve at the right moment and she will be forced to breathe the vapour.

Poppers again is something this girl had not done prior to playing with Grimly, and only does it occasionally. At the right moment, the moment leading up to intense sensation and building up to orgasm it can be extremely effective. It makes the blood pump faster, adds to the adrenaline and makes her breathing frantic but its such a turn on.

Quite a few people have asked this girl about poppers what the effects are. For this girl, the effects don’t last very long but they can make the orgasm more intense and with the other ingredients in the play can lead to some thrilling experiences. But, the headaches can be irritating afterwards.

Does it help with anal sex? This girl doesnt know. She has not tried it for that. It is supposed to help relax the body, yet she has always found for things like that to work everything else needs to be right as well. Poppers arent going to help an anal virgin for instance, or not without the right amount of care and guidance. It’s an additional ingredient to add…not the main catalyst – as really what is behind everything is the dominant.

Anything that he does that causes a change in what this girl feels, or sees, or smells, or breathes does crazy things to her mind as all those little things that remind her he has certain powers over her whether she likes it or not.

Given the nature of her BDSM with Grimly, each additional controlled element and each complexity to the scene reinforces his control of the situation in a way that leaves this girl as some sort of addicted depraved sexual creature always needing more.

4 thoughts on “Breath control

  1. You are always teaching me something new 🙂 That is very interesting about the poppers… I’m too much a scaredy cat to be a part of breath play…I’m afraid I’d blow a gasket! Though it is thought provoking that you have such trust and confidence, that you can enjoy it, you addicted depraved sexual creature you! 🙂

  2. I thought it would be something that would scare me too but because of how it was introduced it didn’t and also because by the time he started experimented with him i already trusted him so much…i think if he had done it the first time we had played i would have freaked out big time!

    Poppers are something you can introduce quite easily, you only need to hold it to your nose for about three seconds and inhale to get the right effects (though its not recommended if you have any heart conditions/high blood pressure) we just find it more erotic though when it’s more controlled heheh

  3. Finally! A post that doesn’t shy away from the amazing experience available to Master and slave through controlled introduction of nitrite inhalants “in scene”. While this M/s couple has many years of experience and satisfaction in this extremely trusting act, I understand that “getting” the partner to agree may be a negotiating nightmare for some…and for this, I have no advice except obtaining and sharing non-sensational information from credible medical sources. No act is without its risks, but My conclusion is that properly informed and so-inclined, responsible people may enjoy poppers in moderation. In our case, the slave is My owned and loved and completely accepting of her Master’s will. Still, our full communication is an absolute necessity in the sharing of poppers and I will be emphatic that any top be responsible for more than only a cursory knowledge of the mechanics and physiology involved.

    Patience is paramount. I do recommend a progression over many sessions and NOT taking the approach “wow…that was hot. Let’s try more!”. NO…the bottom must have time (and I do recommend DAYS between popper scenes) to recover. GO SLOW, try it yourself along with your partner casually at first. Getting started, I would suggest that, using most bottles similar to RUSH, no more than four to eight “hits” spread over the course of an hour would be plenty. You may wish to hold the “hit” for maximum effect, but NEVER limit anyone’s access to fresh air for more than 30 seconds (particularly not with hoods, masks, gags and NEVER with a bag). Always re-cap the source and do not have a flame anywhere in the room. There are commercially available aroma therapy inhalers that may prove handy.

    The chair “set-up” noted in this posting is ingenius. A similar device will certainly appear soon in My own dungeon! However, I would here like to endorse the very extreme intimacy experienced between Master and slave in touching (gently or otherwise) during the careful “feeding” of poppers at special moments. In our experience, an intermediary “hit” or two of poppers provides a keen edge to breathplay aspect of a slave orally pleasuring her Master. In other scenes, the appropriately bound slave is worked toward release point with graduated “layers” of stimulation while heavier (well-monitored) doses of poppers are administered by the Master between demands. For those with an understanding of the sensation of a “wave” that can result from popper use, you’ll appreciate that I often culminate the slave with an slow deep-vaginal fisting plus wand vibration just off-clit at the climax of the popper high. Such a lucky slave.

    Another potential advantage to the pharmacological qualities is slight anal relaxation…but do not expect miracles. With proper training, the slave will one day be subject to an even greater depth of subimission.

  4. I had not read this blog from you before, and found it interesting. I am very much into rebreathing breath control, and for me, if under supervision of a mistress, I want to feel the experience of danger. When I signal for more air, I want her to wait a few more seconds. You know somewhere in the back of your mind that she is eventually going to let you have air, but at the moment, it is just air panic. I can rebreath alone completely safely, because I know that it is completely safe, and therefore there is no real element of danger. But when someone else controls the air bag, then it is out of your hands, no matter how much you trust your mistress. (Which I do, of course, with my life.) (Obviously she doesn’t want to have to explain why someone dressed in latex died of asphyxiation in her dungeon.)
    I think I have seen you in later photos with a rebreathing mask, but that may have just been posed rather than actually testing your limits.

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