The slave auction

This girl has never taken part in a slave auction. It’s one of those things thats sort of a fantasy, but, when the logistics are worked out – not really realistic.

The thought of standing there, being paraded, being exhibited and examined is quite an erotic thought combined with the imagery of other girls naked, chained and debauched. Though it will never happen.

It’s one of those fantasies that will stay a fantasy.

This girl often thinks about it – what it would be like to be sold to the highest bidder not knowing whether he is handsome, intelligent,imaginative……worthy…and that’s when it stops being a fantasy.

This girl’s ‘slavery’ fantasy runs deep, she needs to feel owned, she needs to feel controlled…but, to have that initial choice taken away to think that her slavery could be handed to someone not worthy of it just for a few thousand pounds or whatever…seems to cheapen it to a sort of elaborate and lengthy prostitution. Aside from the fact, that legally it just could not happen. We in real life cannot buy another person for money, not really. Legally they could still walk away. It’s a fantasy and yes it can be as real as you want to make it…but to the rest of the world…you’re crazy.

This girl admits to being crazy. Most people without knowledge of BDSM wouldnt understand her, in fact, a lot of people WITH knowledge of BDSM probably don’t have the same views but that is where diversity becomes interesting.

This girl wants to surrender control. To one man.

But she couldnt surrender being able to initially choose who that control was offered to.

Trying to imagine herself in a situation where she was owned by a man who was 22 stone and sat in front of Match of the Day eating Pizza and drinking beer whilst she sucks his cock…and the fantasy fades quickly. That’s the problem an auction would create. A man’s wealth or ability to pay on the day does not make him a good Master.

It would be incredibly erotic to feel that control taken away, to feel that momentarily that your voice and protests are futile and that you could not decide upon your owner, but for this girl it couldn’t work. In the fantasy, all the potential customers have huge cocks and bulging biceps and masses of toys…but in the reality let’s face it he would have a four inch dick, furry handcuffs and a plastic flogger from Ann Summers, and for this girl that would leave only one option…escape and no matter how much he paid, living that kind of life she would feel worthless.

So this girl sold herself. She’s wrote about this before. It wasn’t an auction but a closed sale. She set the price and he had the option of Yes or No, and he bought her for a penny. This made her worthless in monetary terms, but who cares about money if to your owner you are priceless. Not because of what you could be ‘sold’ for financially, but for the value he puts on your imagination,beauty,companionship,masochism and submission. Love.

As a gesture, for this girl it was the last ‘big’ choice in D/s. Not of course the last big choice in life, because not everything can revolve around it..for this girl that wouldnt be healthy, she wouldnt want her submission to stifle her other needs as a person.Its all about the balance.

She believes in his ownership of her because of the collar around her neck, the words of his voice that can make her orgasm from nothing and the fact that when she is in his playroom or his bed what happens is at his initiation. Consent? It still exists, of course it does. She can still say no. Of course it will be up to him whether to continue, or to listen to why she is saying no. Because if nothing else communication is one of the key things in everything kink.

The main part of the giving of consent, or of the power exchange though was with the sale. It sort of said ‘I trust you’ to choose where we go with this. Sometimes this girl needs to remind herself of that. That he is in control . That she chose this. It’s like those cartoons where there is the charater with the two ‘consciences’ the devil one saying ‘be bad, be a brat’ and the angel one ‘saying you want this, you want to obey, you want the whole works’ Guess which conscience is writing lol.

So she chose her Master, he confirmed the sale, and there you would think it be simple from that point. Of course its not, as this girl said before there’s no recipe for making this instantly perfect!

Though of course some things you can guide and influence.

Knowing though that she made *the best* choice of Dom, makes her more comfortable with her submission, safer. Though of course, in his hands there are always glorious risks and dangers, but properly assessed and undertaken.

Some things are riskier…some are out of control. Certainly, some areas of this girl’s real life at the moment are looking a little ‘vague’ but with that constant and supportive figure there who knows her inside and out…this girl is reassured of her value.

13 thoughts on “The slave auction

  1. Oh Gosh, I cannot even imagine being auctioned and purchased to serve someone undesirable! But that’s really a lie I am telling, it actually can make a fun “fantasy” – BUT never “reality” for me…. I hate to sound “mushy” but that is just sooooooooooooo romantic about purchasing you for your “self” worth rather than financially… *sniff, sniff… I don’t think that before I got involved with my Dom that I’d have ever thought I would have put “romantic” with “BDSM”…. but that’s all changed now πŸ™‚

    xx, baby

  2. i couldnt now dissociate the two either baby. When i started BDSM was such a physical thing for me i suppose i was one of those ‘do me’ subs and all about the pain and the sensation…but i think it means so much more when there is romance and psychology also behind it πŸ™‚ x

  3. Dear Thisgirl,
    BDSM is just a liftstyle but as a lifestyle it really is play acting in terms of real slavery.
    My maternal ancestors, who founded Jamestown in 1611, eventually had one of there number owning in 1732 40,000 slaves and that was no play acting life for them

  4. hi, this is a subject i have written a lot of thoughts about and i would like to point out the post you are commenting on is two and a half years old.

    In what i write i am not trying to trivialise in your words, ‘real slavery’ of the non consensual variety, and i have a great deal of respect and sympathy for what those people went through, please do not think i don’t.

    However, my desire is to feel owned by a man i love, and unfortunately it is the closest way of describing it. If you don’t like it or feel offended by it, i’m sorry but this is part of me, if you’re offended then don’t read anymore!

  5. Interesting dialog. Before I say too much, please confirm back that you are still interested in the subject. I am. Safe, consensual, exciting.


  6. Hi ,
    I fully understand your need to be owned and other needs slavegirls have . Im presently in the mist of finding a total slavegirl 24/7 live in that will be a love slave and all … The problem is I cant find any sites or places that do the sort of (legal) consenstual dealings that one needs to find that pearl slavegirl needed. Do you know of some places a Master in search can find . This is 2012 however . All input would be appreciated and good advancement in all your slavegirl endeavors .

  7. Being auctioned is a dream a lot of girls have, but only a few of them understand slavery as it is meant, as being a helpless and owned object in the hands of another person! By this a girl is sold to the highest bidder, not to the one she likes to be owned by.

  8. There ought to be some place where a mock slave auction could be set up but where the bidding would be rigged ahead of time so that no stranger becomes the new owner. We could feel the experience of standing in front of others in chains, realizing we are only one of many that way.

  9. Alduras , i understand exactly whats meant by slavery yes our version of it is modified to allow for being contemporary and consensual and that works for us.

    Diana, I think quite a few fetish clubs do similar things to that on occasion πŸ™‚ I’ve not been to one where an auction has been happening but i’ve known people who’ve arranged it.

  10. ‘Slave Auctions’, even fake ones, can be very degrading & humiliating to the “partner” of the slave being ‘sold’ as well! Just imagine if you can how it feels when a woman puts herself up to be auctioned as a slave, but her husband disapproves! If she goes ahead & does it anyway, what can he do about it? how do you think he feels? how do you think they both feel afterwards? … My wife did this once a long time ago even though I objected to it. The only thing I could do was attend the auction & buy her myself!! This was very humiliating to Both of us! It caused nothing but arguements for a long time afterwards!

  11. It’s funny that you bring this up, and I wish I would have found this blog earlier. At one time I was involved in the sale of a slave, to her own Master. It was something we worked out beforehand, me and him. It took time to arrange and the cooperation of several people…but the sale was done with as much “reality” as possible. It was both the fulfillment of a deep seated fantasy for many people. But yes, at the end of the day it was just that…a fantasy.

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