Mr gobble-gobble

and now for something completely stupid….

a profile currently on a british bdsm site :-

I have been into turkeys for about 18 months now.

What does that mean? I have always loved the feeling of feathers against my naked skin. Even as a child I felt wrong about eating chicken and later that blossomed into an understanding of a deep turkey fetish. I moved from chickens into turkeys quite quickly after ‘the size issue’ (if you know what I mean). Anyway I hope I am not alone in enjoying these pleasures.

Recently I have started to get into group scenes involving caning, naked men and of course turkeys. It would be wonderful to find others with a similar passion. Don’t tell me the aren’t a few of you out there!?

I don’t like to restrict myself to these things exclusively. I have experimented with other animals, but have not found the same interest. I live out in the ‘sticks’ so ‘prying eyes’ are not an issue in my neighbourhood.

Please contact me if my words strike a chord with you. Maybe you have had similar urges but were scared to face them head on. I have learnt that the best way to deal with this is to indulge. The pleasure speaks for itself.

and the writer….

possibly….America’s Mr gobble- gobble??

4 thoughts on “Mr gobble-gobble

  1. Thank You For That Laugh!
    🙂 I’ll return when I catch my breath lol.
    Good One! Huggs

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