Just a few of the buttons he pushes…

Picture – electro/breath play control panel

In a way this maybe follows on from the last post.

If Grimly was to turn this girl into one of his machines then the way he would do it would be to gradually get it so that everything could be controlled by pressing buttons, by programming, by mechanical deviousness whilst still being ultimately in control of it himself as the inventor, creator and operator.

He’s part way there. The pictures show the beginnings of a control centre worthy possibly of the kink version of NASA – or it would be if such an organisation existed.

It might not look like much. Some people might recognise the box at the front as an ET312 electro box which was possibly the initial step. This little box gives out amazing electrical impulses and comes with a variety of attachments and wires that can cause all manner of sensations, and what you can’t see in this picture is that it is sitting several metres away from the place where it all happens…the chair, which has its own contact points to minimise on messy cables.

The little red box sitting on top of ET is not anything special, this is just another estim box, but less powerful. But, behind that, is a gizmo completely home-made.

These little knobs and gauges control air supply – both for breathing and for suction. So now, the suction devices he has (the electro vac bra for instance) can be regulated and monitored by a dial that shows the strength of the suction. Also, with just another knob he can control the amount of oxygen being directed into a mask she wears giving highly regulated and controlled breath play.

So its all very hi-tech. This girl doesn’t understand it half the time and her explanation is possibly not the best or the most scientific. But of course, he’s the scientist and inventor – she’s just the guinea pig!

Eventually the control panel will get bigger, shinier, fancier. He can already control electrical impulses,sound,air,suction – her. It might even all be done by computer – but, he’s still going to be the one in control.

Sometimes it all gets a bit complicated for this girl if she tries to stop and think about the mechanics behind it because it sort of spoils the magic. Though the mechanics can be pretty fascinating and sometimes it’s a kind of ‘you made WHATTTTT’ reaction.

It’s fun being the test model of a depraved inventor. Some inventors of course seem to come with an element of trial and error risk , but most of Grimly’s inventions work first time and then develop and gradually modify with use.

It really is another part of the mind fuck to be sat three metres away, watching a man push buttons that can cut off your oxygen, or electrocute your cunt, or suck your nipples away from your body!

Some people might think this is all too ‘complicated’ and that bdsm can be a lot lot simpler.

Yes it can.

But this is Grimly and this girl’s BDSM. It is kinda hi-tech,and overkill but thats just how it is, and all those little buttons he pushes do weird and wonderful things to her on an extemely crazy and cerebral level.

Of course…there is a lot to be said just for the wonderment factor. πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Just a few of the buttons he pushes…

  1. Every time I see those gadgets of yours it gives me shivers. I totally think that if Master could use the electro-stimulation route with me he would all the time. I found out a few years ago during physical therapy that I have a bad reaction to current. I throw up. So, tens units are out unless he wants me to be sick (which I doubt). I’m fine with violet wands though, and he’s drooling for one of those any day now. Yay for me static electrosex πŸ˜›

    I love seeing “your” BDSM. It constantly reminds me that it’s not all whips and paddles, and my god it can still be so much fun!

    Love your blog, I truly do!

  2. “Too complicated” to others, to me, seems more like sincere effort and thought put into sheer enjoyment and shared pleasure/fun in each other…what’s wrong with being too complicated? πŸ™‚ I think all that hi-tech is pretty fascinating myself…and I have to experience such fun vicariously through your posts (for now, that is-I’ve told Him about what you wrote to see if it “sparks” anything..hehehe)… Happy Monday!

  3. wow….i haven’t been here since i was Fit to be Tied. i really hate losing touch. my apologies! i see that you are still having fun with “your” BDSM! good for you!! i have begun a journey with my Master that is instigating some awesome changes! Please come by my new site and see! If you get a minute that is…teeheeeee.


  4. thanks baby you never know what your Master might decide to try in the future…i worry about what ideas mine is going to get don’t seem to ever be able to second guess him!

    martha, have updated your link glad you are settled and having fun πŸ™‚


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