Craving torment?

Pictures – the control/chastity belt with built in electrics and also pictures in the dentist chair with the electro vac torture bra!

the torment belt- chastity, electrics and sexual arousal……what led to here?

A craving for torment -and for torture, is sort of what led this girl to Grimly in the first place. A lot of her fantasies were based on medieval torture, interrogation, and generally erotic pain. Her introduction to BDSM led her to begin exploring pain for pleasure and yet it didn’t seem to go in the direction she had thought until after he appeared.

This girl’s first experience of erotic pain was the humble clothes peg, applied by her own hand from someone’s (probably one handed) instructions on the net. The whole cam thing…its pretty sleazy, and it’s just not possible to hurt yourself like someone else can. You don’t really have the mind fuck with the pain – you don’t have the wondering at the back of your mind of ‘how long its going to go on for’ or ‘what is going to happen next’ because, ultimately, you are still in control and can switch off from it. A sadist needs to be a very three dimensional and colourful character. He needs to be someone that can bring the experience ‘to life’. There’s no point otherwise. Not for this girl.

So, after she dabbled about on the net she started doing things with people. Her ex, and others. So, after the usual pegs, clamps, plugs and mild bondage…her first proper experience of erotic pain came with corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment is something this girl still enjoys from time to time, but since she’s found there’s ‘more’ she doesn’t do it so much as she once did. Spanking, caning and flogging can be immensely erotic leaving anything from a warm tingle to bruises that last for weeks, and, in a lot of ways its a very basic test of a masochist. It’s a very physical thing and a very easy way for masochist pride and addiction to develop – to each time to feel the need to take more . The stimulation from it really is purely physical, whilst anything psychological relating to it is most easily connected with ‘naughty girl syndrome’. In some ways maybe CP helped create ‘the brat’ – someone who plays up to get attention, to get a fix, to get those masochistic urges met.

There’s more to BDSM though than just physical sensation, and sometimes you need to explore other things from the spectrum to realise that it can be very psychological as well. Which is common sense really given that you are playing with the darkest sexual fantasies of someone you share a relationship with. Some people say sex is the closest you can be to someone. It’s not. This is. With BDSM you can really get into someones mind and play around with it and yes, its dangerous to give someone that sort of access to your fears and fantasies – thats why its important to make sure you TRUST that person first.

Grimly offered this girl that. A chance to experiment, to explore – a journey that is still continuing.

When this girl first arrived at Grimly’s she realised that there was so much more to BDSM than she had experienced up to that point and she found something that related more accurately to what her fantasies were.

It needs to be more than pain. It needs to be a head fuck too. Introducing electrics to this girl kickstarted that. Electro play in itself is quite a weird thing to experience when you are not used to it. Being inserted with plugs or having contacts applied to your body, knowing that minutes later there is going to be an active current flowing through there can do weird things to the imagination, because, the stimulation that follows can be anything from a pleasurable tingle to a painful throb dependant on the mercy and whim of the person in control – and its not of course a work out for the Dom. It requires no physical energy on his part, all it requires is obviously skill and awareness, and then the ability to press the right buttons at the right time.

The first time this girl experienced that was like nothing she had experienced before. Being tied up, wired, at someone’s mercy by just a press from one finger…mindblowing.

That – combined with extremely effective bondage, is what’ll do it most times for this girl…or variations on a theme. Bondage itself can allow a man to get into your head…especially when its as Grimly does it – so effective that she cannot move at all.

To be almost paralyzed and at someone’s mercy being left to only imagine what they are going to do next and wondering whether it will be ‘good pain’ or ‘bad pain’ or somewhere in between is what makes it all feel so real.

Of course the things this girl has mentioned arent’ all there is to her BDSM play with Grimly – mostly what causes her frustration and torment the most is *not knowing* what in the world he is going to come up with next, what new thing he will create to thrill, arouse and stimulate her.

The torment belt is possibly one of his most effective inventions incorporating the dreaded feel of chastity. Chastity is one of the biggest head fucks of all for this girl.

You want her honest thoughts on chastity? The thought of it turns her on, it does something weird to her because she hates the thought of it, and yet, finds it incredibly arousing.

She has not yet experienced more than maybe five or six hours in a belt, though as yet, Grimly and this girl don’t have a belt that is really too practical for extended wear. Sometimes the thought of being locked away at his mercy really arouses her, knowing how frustrating she would be…knowing how mindblowing the play or the sex would be after……and yet…part of her…is afraid. It’s going to happen though…it’s just a matter of when – and that in itself is a little bit of mental torment and also so is the fact that she knows that anything she bloody writes about it he will remember. It’s a calculated risk!

When she has had short experiences of chasity..just lying beside him can frustrate the hell out of her…knowing she can’t ‘have him’ that he cant do anything to her clit or her cunt just makes her feel so on edge and the arousal leads to a subspace of sorts.

The torment belt. It sort of came about from his first chastity belt prototype which was found to be perhaps too rigid for wearing for a long time. Discomfort for short periods though he doesn’t have a problem with. Discomfort, stress bondage, all terms he uses – and that she hates. That frustrate her and yet of course, put her on that edge.

The torment belt sort of puts all the things that can lead to this girl being frustrated, orgasmic and in pain all together. Denial and stimulation sort of deviously combined – given that it stops her having any sort of access to herself, and yet, she is ’embedded’ with an extremely large electric dildo whilst electric prongs rest above her clit.

The other day, this girl made the dumb suggestion of saying to Grimly – what do you think it would look like – the chastity belt, the metal collar, the breast suction cups and the brainwashing mask..


this is why she normally leaves the direction of play completely to him, because, being victim of something based on her own suggestions and having an idea of what is going to happen next doesn’t make the torment any less intense!

So pictured here is this girl in the dentist chair, the torment belt locked on her and wired up to the electrical box and also with the electro suction cups on her breasts. So her nipples and her pussy are both being electrically stimulated whilst she is bound incapable of moving out of her predicament

The breast cups are better now that the suction system has been fitted with a regulator valve and so the suction pulls her nipples onto the contacts just right. The mask this girl is wearing is something nicknamed ‘the brainwashing mask’ this is a mask with built in flashing lights, sound, breath control. The lights pulse in time with any sound – and, with the electrics.

He created or modified everything you see here, including this girl! The brainwashing mask so called because the lights combined with electrotherapy are rather hypnotic, and, given that he can speak into her headphones as though he is directly into her mind can embed suggestion. Submissive therapy of sorts. A change from the straitjacket!

Probably though, the biggest torment of all for this girl is that she doesnt know what he will come up with next and the fact that she knows than any fantasy she writes about or tells him about , or any idea for a new invention of torture and torment that she thinks of…can become a reality after just a few hours in his workshop. Being physically and mentally aroused and stimulated, and yes, tormented, is really what BDSM is about for this girl – or a very large part of it anyway.

It’s not just about impact sports. Its about mind games 😉

He always wins – if you call it winning. But then, this girl, is mostly too blissed out of her head to care.

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  1. looks like devilish fun, and the psychological piece must be so intoxicating. thank you for sharing.

    xx, m

  2. thanks m 🙂 i suppose i just like bdsm best when it encorporates all my senses and different stimulations 😉

  3. Dear TG,
    the only thing missing from your belt is a urethral shocking probe.

    Very nice,

  4. Thanks you very much for sharing this. This blog and your pictures are honestly one of the most erotic things I’ve seen. I love the brainwashing machine!

  5. Love the whole ider of having electrode in the chasity belt (just wish that you could buy one). as that is one of my fantasy

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