Latex straight jacket

Picture – latex strait jacket

Recently Grimly had a new straight jacket made for this girl by TLC who has also made her maids dress and catsuits – shown here with the white one:-

Straight Jacket

Because the straight jacket is custom made it fits perfectly and is very tight and restrictive and bondage in latex certainly does make a change from bondage in leather.

The first time this girl wore the straight jacket was a few weeks ago at her house – a couple of days before the Paris trip.

Because it wasnt in Grimly’s playroom, she wasnt expecting anything particularly amazing to happen – there’s just not the same ‘ambience’ at this girl’s house, but something rather erotic did. Sometimes, you only need a bit of bondage and a dominant that can get into your mind, the rest can often just be added extras….though – added extras are nice of course!

The straight jacket is amazingly sexy. The first time she wore it she did not have anything else on underneath and so just had it alone restricting her movement and her cunt. Grimly put her vibrator in first, which, given the shape sat extremely snugly and held in by the rubber.

He then instructed her to please him – which given she did not have her hands free, or her cunt, there was only limited things she could do 😉 It was fun trying to pleasure him whilst restricted by the rubber. Grimly doesnt involve blowjobs in play usually that often, as its not something he seems to need too frequently – thoughts on that – here. So, it was fun and different for it to be involved, and given how the vibrator sat when she was bent over him, this girl got extremely turned on very fast.

Which of course he noticed.

This girl has written several times before how he can control when she orgasms, and so,because of this he will normally ensure during play that she is at the exact moment and on the brink of climax before he will allow her, which has been a hypnotic conditioning of sorts.

It’s not something necessarily that this girl would have ever believed could happen to her – but then, there’s a lot of things she wouldn’t have forseen happening a few years ago.

Sometimes though, he will build it up and then let in sink a bit, and do this several times before allowing her to orgasm – as he did when she was wearing the straight jacket.

When he first put the orgasm trigger into her mind, he did so by counting down ten through to zero during extremely intense play telling her that she would only orgasm on the zero, and then gradually this was altered so that she wouldn’t need the countdown and then after a while longer the zero was changed for a word – SLAVE. So that every time she orgasms she is reminded of who is in control, who she belongs to – and aside from anything else this reinforces the reality of the fantasy.

So, on this occasion, he decided to reintroduce the countdown. When she heard his countdown whilst bound in latex pleasuring him and being buzzed away her head quickly seemed to tell her body that she was getting hornier and that she was getting closer to orgasm. It didn’t come – because he didn’t say the final word, several times he just got her closer and closer and the orgasmic torment and eroticism drifted her into subspace.

He pulled her of his cock and cuddled her with the vibrator still working away, and finally, after building her up five or six times allowed her to orgasm in his arms.

What Grimly does to this girl is often pretty mental…so…all in all…its just as well he has the right equipment to control the insanity 🙂

16 thoughts on “Latex straight jacket

  1. Is it very warm and suffocating in such an outfit? Did you get a claustrophobic feeling being outfitted like that? These are the things that come to mind seeing the photos of your latex outfit…very interesting looking… I wish I could be controlled (orgasmic, speaking), and saying that – I am going to have to remember to bring this up …

  2. It’s not really too warm, as balanced the room temperature with what I would be wearing.

    Its not claustrophobic at all, restrictive yes, and tight, but then that can be a turn on and part of the fantasy. Its the idea that he has put me in that position and that compromise and I cant do anything about it. If i let myself get panicky about it, then it wouldnt be fun.

    Orgasmic control is fun….though…it can be frustrating!

  3. great photo of the white suit and black straight jacket. I love the white hood, especially how your eyes and mouth look in it, AWSOME. Thanks Greg

  4. Very nice! Have you slept in this outfit or spent the da in it yet? It looks very comfortable. Is this a full bodysuit you have on? Thanks for the blog!

  5. yes it is comfortable though i’ve not slept in it mostly because it does get quite hot quite quickly tho one day I will. Yes its a white latex catsuit, made by the same creator as the jacket.

    TG xx

  6. I keep coming back to this blog entry. Your description of control and the mounting excitement you experienced is very erotic. I love your catsuit and would love to be controlled the way that Grimly does to you……..

  7. I love the straitjacket! My wife and I share your passion and have over 30 of them ; one of our favporite scenes is to put her in a latex catsuit, latex straitjacket, and then pu a pair of leather pants, boots, and a very fetishy leather or SBR trenchcoat on her, then strap her arms around her and go out in public. Since everything is shiny and black, its almost unnoticeable, and she loves it! (we both get incredibly horny!!!)

  8. Very nice latex straight jacket! Could you tell me where you had it made? Also a source for Latex thigh high boots.

  9. Thx. Any shopping suggestions for a latex straight jacket made to fit?

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