Moulin Rouge!

Last friday Grimly and this girl went to Moulin Rouge, there is just one word for it – amazing.

In a way, it was this girl’s first proper ‘vanilla’ sort of dressed up date with him. As in going somewhere special with no kinky intentions. Though, in a way, there probably were some!

This girl had been told when she booked it that there was a dress code and that Grimly would have to wear a tie. He doesn’t wear them often!

So both Grimly and this girl got dressed up. She wore a long length silver chinese dress with slits up the sides and he wore a black suit and a silver tie. This girl is really annoyed with herself that she didnt make sure there was pictures of them dressed up together…oh well…another time!

Anyway, the night was organised by one of the tour operators, who started (after a really long winded way of getting all the tourists on the bus) the night by giving a tour of the illumination and ultimately of the eiffel tower at night covered in sparkly diamond lights.

There was quite a long queue for moulin rouge, and it was raining, and really cold…but Grimly and this girl didnt mind…unlike an elderly american couple whose faces were frozen in a pissed off expression before, during and after the show (why bother going!)

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret. Probably though some people may have only heard of it because of the Baz Lurman film with Nicole Kidman which was a mishmash of musicals set there.Moulin Rouge means ‘red windmill’ and from around teatime onwards the sails rotate and light up.


Moulin Rouge has been on the go since 1889 the same year the eiffel tower was unveiled, and has always been famous for the notorious ‘can can’ high kicking dance.

Going into the entrance of Moulin Rouge is like going into a theatre, and yet, once you go down the steps into the main auditorium, it’s not. It’s more like a restaurant…with a stage. Grimly and this girl were led to a table and poured champagne, as the lights went down.

The current show of Moulin Rouge is ‘feerie’. (fairy). The easiest way to get a feel of the show is to watch this clip, which shows you the highlights of the main themes of the show – a tour of the far east, a circus and ‘100 years of the moulin rouge’.

The amount of costumes, set changes, sequins, shoes and boots is amazing. The clip is really only a glimpse of how much glitz there is in it and some of the stunts – It was pretty shocking watching that girl swim topless with snakes!

It’s not just about the topless dancers though. It’s a cabaret, and so has other entertainment as well. A juggler, a ventroloquist…and these acrobats – (this is a clip of them at another circus not Moulin Rouge) but some of the routine is the same – it was really breathtaking to watch this :-

From these clips you can maybe imagine what it might have been like to be sat there sipping champagne all dressed up (whilst a lot of people around you were still being stupid tourists lol) watching that extravaganza.

Ok…so it wouldnt be everyones cup of tea. It’s possibly like Opera in that dont need to understand the language to understand what it is trying to convey and can be completely mesmerized by it.

It was just really a very special night, though, the only action this girl got after it was getting groped outside by a Parisien because by the time she got back to the hotel with Grimly it was 2am & they were both too blissed out and knackered for sex!

2 thoughts on “Moulin Rouge!

  1. Wow. On dirait une petite Cirque du Soleil. 🙂 Je voudrais aller encore à Paris quelquejour, aprés notre fils est plus âgé. Et dans l’école pour immersion Français.

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