This girl easily admits to being an exhibitionist. Albeit, sometimes, a shy one. If she has the right platform she can quite happily show off and be his partner in crime to showcase his talents and devious creations. Though he doesn’t need much help!

Grimly is an inventor, and he has said in the past that he often sees her as his inspiration at times. All great artists and inventors have their inspirations, some quite infamously.

This girl and Grimly went to the Louvre on friday, and managed to get round it and out of it with him only stealing ideas, and NOT the Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa actually isn’t really that spectacular or enchanting. It’s one of those things that has just became notorious because the right people have said so.

And ok..Leonardo did have some talent with the paint πŸ˜‰

The exhibition on at the Louvre at the moment is focussed on ancient art and history and Babylone.

This girl was not brave enough to walk around one of the World’s most famous museums in latex..but nor did she want to look like a stereotypical tourist either, so she wore a pretty dress.

The Louvre was pretty amazing though and this girl felt special knowing that he was enjoying it and enjoying being with her without her being strapped down, electrocuted and controlled to the nth degree!

Friday was a good day all round really. After the Louvre this girl and Grimly walked to Notre Dame and saw part of the Good Friday service. Notre Dame is really one of the most beautiful and heavenly churches this girl has ever been in and it was special to share that with him.

Some Doms might not like to appear so loved up and content to their subbies. They might want to shout from the rooftops that obedience and control are more important than love. But they’re not. This girl likes having a Dom that is not afraid to express his feelings, because, having that makes it easier for her to express her needs and desires to him. Relationships need to be two-way, not all take by the Dom, and not all take by the subbie either for that matter. It’s nice to share special things.

Yeah…its nice to share kinky things too, but it works best because it’s balanced…and this girl really couldn’t be emmersed in kink the whole time…because…despite all the possibilities there are with Grimly…eventually it would become overwhelming and time for a break…

and that goes for any activity…including walking around museums in uncomfortable shoes!

*pictures archived for friends only.

10 thoughts on “Exhibition-ists

  1. i love this post on so many levels.

    i was in Paris…wow…17 years ago. i remember going to the Louvre with this anticipation of seeing “her”. i remember seeing the HUGE crowd of people and knowing that, as the anticipation grew, i was going to see this majestically huge, beautiful painting of her. So i am sure you know the ‘let down’ when it appeared as this tiny (it seemed like 8X10) painting, that was (at the time, i am not sure if it still is) like 50 miles behind the wall of glass. You’re right…the notoreity is definitely because the right people said so.

    Also, Notre Dame IS beautiful…heavenly is a very appropriate word.

    Finally…your touching statement about how your dom isn’t afraid to show his feelings, really touched me, because that is also one of the most amazing ‘traits’ about my Owner. Yes, Sir is sadistic and evil, but He is also the most loving, caring, and tender Owner i could ask for, and i love that He isn’t afraid to show it…when appropriate (wink wink).

    Sorry for the ramble…but thank you so much for the trip down memory lane.


  2. How lovely to see you with your clothes on!

    I agree entirely with what you say. I’m a subbie and the relationship between me and my ‘dom’ is based on love and respect. I need the mental stimulation of someone who, like your Grimly, can appreciate art and beauty, and not just beat the hell out of me.

    Having said that, I reckon I’m in for a pretty severe spanking this weekend… and you for a few hours in that lovely chair. What fun!

  3. I had a lovely hour or so yesterday catching up on your blog. By the time I finished reading and checking out the pics I didnt have time to write a comment.

    I LOVE the pics of you in Paris and I love the new chair.

    Your writing is enchanting and on so many levels. Thank you so much for sharing snippets of your M/s life with Grimly, thank you also for sharing the “normal” side (excuse the word “normal” – what IS normal? I am sure you know what I mean though). I love reading about each aspect.

    You look fantastic in that red latex and just as good in every day attire by the way!



  4. How lovely to see you with your clothes on!

    Yeah… I thought something was different about her!

    You’re incredibly cute, BTW. Grimly sounds like a great guy – and you’re both fortunate to have each other.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments guys, really do appreciate the time you’ve given to give such lovely feedback – as most of you know comments : readers is a pretty low ratio most of the time so its nice when people do take the time to say stuff – so thanks! πŸ™‚

    slave2js – its the third time i’ve been to Paris and had been in the louvre once before so I knew what to expect. It’s not changed. There’s still the barriers, the security, the glass box. I wonder what it would be like to be in a glass box with that many people taking photographs… πŸ˜‰ It was weird really, there was a hub of activity around the Mona Lisa, the winged victory and venus de milo but everywhere else it wasnt really that busy…goes to show most tourists are easily pleased! We spent about three or four hours there in all just wandering randomnly..was really nice.

    Yes exactly…its important to be able to show love and tenderness…but also…be as good at showing the evil sadistic nature we know and love ! Don’t worry about rambling i’m rambling back so there!

    Angie…sure clothes have their place!!!

    I would get bored very quickly if I was in a relationship with someone that only met my physical needs. I wouldnt want to be with someone that played with me just for the sake of it, there needs to be more behind it. There needs to be other stuff to go between the play sessions. Otherwise it would just get like one of those relationships you have when you’re a teenager where all you do is lust over each other till you get bored.

    Enjoy your spanking!

    Rosie, thanks for your lovely comments! I guess I just want to show that we have a balanced relationship its not ‘only’ about BDSM. OK…so we got together BECAUSE of it…but then fell for each other as people too. I guess if it wasn’t for BDSM i would never have met him, so i’m very happy that i’m kinky! lol.

    Tom – you’ll make me blush. Behave! I *do* wear clothes…but ya know…it is a kinky blog for the most part lol. I”ll be posting a picture of a new jacket in the next few weeks …stay tuned!


  6. I truly enjoyed what you wrote about Paris, and the “romantic” time you were able to share…I am green with envy… I’ve always wanted to go without my one and only child, but instead I always end up bringing him with me…… I had been told that the Mona Lisa was pretty small before we went to see her for my son’s 16th birthday, but it still didn’t help the disappointment. Those are great photos… Did you get to see St. Chappelle (sp?)? I loved Notre Dame, but the royal chapel at the top of St. Chappelle really left me in “awe”…. Look forward to more of your posts… as I enjoy reading them as well as the seemingly “dry” sense of humor!

  7. ooops, I wish I’d read my reply before posting… can I please edit it with “I’ve always wanted to go without my one and only child, but instead I always end up bringing him with me,…”

  8. Baby, hi!


    We were only there 3 nights, thursday pm – sunday am.

    Thursday night we just had a wander near the hotel,

    Friday we went to the Trocadero (with normal clothes on) and then walked through the Tuilleries to the Louvre, walked to Notre Dame after that and then at night went on a tour of the illuminations and then Moulin Rouge (seperate post to follow about that prob tomorrow) – Moulin Rouge was totally amazing!

    Saturday – went on the Bateaux Parisiennes Cruise and then to Sacre Coeur and walked through Montmarte (sex district!) and then met up with a lovely French Dom and his lady and then went back to Trocadero to mess about trying to take pics of me in rubber lol.

    Sunday – came home!!! tired!

    Putting some general holiday pics up on flickr…will put a link up. TG x

  9. I am now truly green…..with envy! lol…. I did take a cruise up and down the Seine, but not the evening one… I also didn’t get to go to Montmarte, Trocadero nor Moulin Rouge…some day…some day… so now I just have to live vicariously through your posts πŸ™‚ How interesting that is, too, that you met that French couple….! Where will your next holiday be…?

  10. no we did the cruise the saturday morning. It was supposed to be the friday night but because the bus took so long loading everyone on we missed it. I think no matter how much time you have in Paris you’ll never get to do everything that you would like to see…there’s so much!!

    I’ve been there 3 times and everytime I’ve done at least Notre Dame and the Louvre i think they’re just my favourite places there. Notre Dame is my favourite church in the whole world…it just feels so heavenly it feels welcoming too and warm unlike a lot of churches in this country. Moulin Rouge was spectacular too, I think a new show comes out 2010 so hopefully we’ll go again after that!

    The french couple we met were lovely, it was just by chance they had contacted Grimly the week before!

    next holiday…hmm. Yorkshire. LOL. Though that’s really not all that exciting as thats a visit to family! xx

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